How to Make a Bowling Pin Halloween Costume

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When dressing up for a costume party, finding just the right costume can be a challenge. You may have considered animal costumes, food costumes or mascot costumes. Maybe you looked for inspiration from popular movies, like ‌Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Minions‌ or a Disney film. Perhaps you even ruled out being an astronaut like Buzz Lightyear from ‌Toy Story‌.


If you are looking for a unique costume idea for Halloween rather than the bestselling or trending option that everyone will be wearing, consider turning yourself into a bowling pin. This is a funny costume that also works for group costumes. You can have most of the group dress in adult bowling pin costumes, and one person can be the bowling ball. For a couples Halloween costume, have your partner dress as a bowling ball.

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Whether you love the game or are just so-so at it, a bowling pin Halloween costume represents your talent for being creative with a twist of humor. Decide how long to make the bowling pin costume on your body. Your bowling pin costume size can be floor length or stop at your knees or shins. If you have a Halloween party to attend and you anticipate there will be games to play, let the costume come down to your knees so that you can freely move your legs.


Things You'll Need

  • White long-sleeve shirt

  • Newspaper

  • Red fabric paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • White tights or pants

  • White cap

  • White socks

  • White shoes or bowling shoes

  • Tape measure

  • White woolen felt

  • Fabric scissors

  • Sewing machine or needle

  • White thread

  • Red woolen felt

  • Fabric glue

Make a No-Sew Costume

Lay down your white long-sleeve shirt with the front facing up. You might want to do this over newspaper or a craft table that you do not mind getting dirty.

Paint two stripes with red fabric paint over the top of the shirt. The first stripe should be shoulder height and stretch from one side of the shirt to the other. Paint the second stripe 3 inches below the first stripe, also going from one side to the other.


Wait for the front of the shirt to dry. Continue the red painted stripes on the back of the shirt.

Complete the No-Sew Bowling Pin Costume

Dress in your white shirt and white tights or pants. For a finishing touch, put a tight, white cap on your head. Bowling pins have a rounded, smooth top, so your head serves as the top of the pin.


Wear white socks and white shoes or if you own a pair of bowling shoes, put those on instead.

Take Your Costume Size Measurements to Sew a Costume

Take your measurements with a tape measure. Write down your dimensions from your shoulders to the middle of your shins and from one side of your body to the other at the widest point.


Transfer the dimensions onto a piece of white woolen felt, drawing the shape of an oval. The oval should be the same length as your length and 5 inches wider than your width.


Cut the Fabric for the Costume

Cut out the oval shape from the felt. Cut through the top and bottom of the oval. When you wear the white felt as a tunic to look like a bowling pin, you will need space at the top for your neck and at the bottom for your legs. You also need a place for your arms, so make two slits on the upper side of the tunic. Trace the long oval onto the second piece of white felt and cut it out the same way.


Sew the Bowling Pin Halloween Costume

Sew the two pieces of fabric together at the sides. Use a sewing machine or you can stitch the felt by hand. Leave two openings at the top and bottom and slits for your arms.

Complete the Bowling Pin Costume

Cut out two strips of red felt. Make the strips wide enough to span the width of the bowling pin tunic. Glue the two red strips onto the top portion of the white tunic with fabric glue or you can sew them on by hand.


Pull the white felt tunic over your head and let it come down past your knees. Stick your arms through the slits on the sides and wear your white cap to look like a bowling pin.


Since bowling pins are round, you can create a plump effect by wearing a pillow horizontally across your midsection and hiding it beneath your shirt.

You can also use a white jumpsuit instead of shirt and pants separates.



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