What Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

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Deep pocket sheets accommodate extra-tall mattresses.

Deep pocket sheets fit over extra-tall mattresses. The term "pocket" refers to the space created at each corner of a fitted sheet that aligns with each corner of the mattress.


Mattresses requiring deep pocket sheets may have pillow tops, special movement mechanisms or be made of latex or foam. The application of feather or foam tops onto regular height mattresses may also require the use of a deep pocket sheet.


Regular pocket sheets fit mattresses that are 12 to 14 inches in height. Any mattress measuring more than 14 inches high requires deep pocket sheets.


There is no standard height measurement for deep pocket sheets. Measure the height of the mattress and check the height on the sheets to make sure they will fit.


Use a regular-sized flat sheet in place of a deep pocket fitted sheet. Make sure it's large enough to cover the mattress and tuck in around the edges.

Expert Insight

A mattress requiring deep pocket sheets may also benefit from a low-profile box spring or frame, which is lower in height than a standard box spring or frame. The low-profile base keeps the bed at a comfortable height for sitting and getting into and out of the bed.

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