Gluvit Epoxy Boat Repair

Waterproof sealers can keep you afloat.
Waterproof sealers can keep you afloat. (Image: Image by, courtesy of FaceMePLS)

Gluvit epoxy is a waterproof sealer that will protect and seal the hull and deck of your boat. Gluvit epoxy can repair your boat for a fraction of the cost of a professional repair.

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Boat Types

Gluvit epoxy sealer will work on many hull types such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass and steel. It will even penetrate rotting wood to strengthen decking and molding.


Gluvit epoxy will expand to fill cracks and small holes. It seals to form a hard waterproof coating that flexes with shifting hull movements.


When Gluvit epoxy is completely dry, it becomes waterproof and can be painted over with any urethane or latex base paint.

Alternate Uses

Gluvit epoxy can be applied to a riveted aluminum hull, and it will seal the seams and rivets acting as an anti-corrosive coating.


A 2-lb. bucket of Gluvit epoxy will cover 25 to 35 square feet at a thickness of 10 mm. An 8-lb. bucket will cover more than 100 square feet at the same thickness.


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