Ideas for a Co-Worker's Going Away Party

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The going-away party is a chance for staff to share their best wishes.
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A colleague leaving the company isn't a reason to shed a tear -- it's an excuse to throw a going away party for your co-worker. Although the nature of your workplace might partially dictate the type of going-away party you can organize, do your best to get creative and send off the colleague with a bang. Tailor the decor to the occasion as well as to the honoree, organize a formal component, play a couple fun games and present the person with a going-away gift.


Going Away Office Party Ideas for Decor

Decorate the room in which you're holding the going away party for your co-worker to suit the reason the person is departing the company. If she's quitting to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling the world, print images of various notable landmarks, cut them into circles and place them on the walls to serve as makeshift cruise ship portholes. If your co-worker is retiring and plans to play golf daily, set up a mini-putt area in the corner and decorate the room with images of golf courses. In the event you can't identify a theme, print images of the co-worker and various people from work at company events. Recruit other coworkers for their input for more going away office party ideas.


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Have Some Colleagues Give Kind Speeches

Few people enjoy going-away parties dragged down by speech after speech, but it's appropriate to ask a few people to formally share some words about the person who's leaving the company. This component is especially important if the person has a long history with the organization. Suitable speakers can include the person's direct supervisor, the company president or CEO and a peer who started around the same time. After the remarks, a company representative can present a certificate of appreciation and the group can gather for a photo. Invite the person who's leaving, especially if she's retiring, to share a few words at this time, too.


Play Some Cool and Memorable Games

Organizing one or more quick games can provide some laughs and make the party more enjoyable for everyone. Put the person who's leaving on the spot and make her reveal how well she knows her co-workers. Ask 10 co-workers to tell two true statements about themselves and one lie, and then have the party's guest of honor guess the lie. Or, invite people around the office to each email you one short anecdote about the favorite member of the person who's leaving. Read the stories aloud and challenge the person to guess who wrote each story.


Present the Honoree With a Special Gift

Many workplaces pool staff members' funds to buy a going-away gift for a departing colleague, especially if the person was well-respected around the office. Think of a gift that would suit the next life chapter of the going away party co-worker's adventure. For someone eager to travel, for example, buy a gift card to a travel website or an affordable, decent quality digital camera. If you have trouble thinking of a gift, make a donation to a local charity in the person's name.



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