Ideas for Cars in Parades

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Using a car in a parade is one of the easiest ways to celebrate and advertise. A car is much easier to decorate than a float, and it will be just as visible. A decorated car will draw more attention and interest from parade viewers than an undecorated vehicle.


A convertible allows the people in the car to be seen easily, which is great when you have somebody like a homecoming queen in your parade. It also makes the occupants seem more welcoming to the public.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day


Signs can be put on the sides of a car or everywhere for maximum coverage.You can put different messages on each side of the car or keep the messages the same so that everyone sees the same thing. Make your sign out of sturdy material like cardboard or particle board. Use water-resistant paint and keep your message simple.


Buy a collection of multi-colored balloons and fill them up with air. Tie them to the radio antenna and the side mirrors. Hand out balloons filled with candy and watch them pop. You can even use helium balloons.



A parade is a noisy affair. One way to be heard over the din is with a bullhorn. You can buy a hand-held bullhorn or mount one on the top of your car and operate it with a hand-held microphone. Use your bullhorn at medium volume for politeness.


Celebrity Cutouts

Take a piece of cardboard, particle board or other sturdy material and cut out the silhouette of a famous person. Be precise. Now, draw and paint your person onto the cutout.You can position the cutout in the seat of your car or have it mounted on the side or back.



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