Give the Gift of a Famous Holiday Sweater

The movie buff in your life will fall for these lookalike sweaters that pay homage to classic holiday movies and shows.

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What do Mark Darcy from ‌Bridget Jones' Diary‌, Kevin McCallister from ‌Home Alone‌ and Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter film franchise have in common? They're all beloved characters in unforgettable movies, yes. But, perhaps more importantly, they've all worn iconic holiday sweaters. That's right, holiday sweaters! And since it's the coziest time of the year—and we're looking for any excuse to bring up Chris Evans' sweater in ‌Knives Out‌ once more—we decided to count down our favorite famous holiday sweaters and share where to find similar versions in real life.


Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for the movie buff in your life or you simply want to channel your inner Wednesday Addams, these wearable picks are more fun than one of those TV movies where the big-city lawyer realizes she's meant for country living...oh, and her boyfriend might be Santa Claus.

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Video of the Day

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1. Wednesday Addams' Checkered Sweater Vest from "Wednesday"

$34.99 at Amazon

Add a healthy dose of snark and gloom to the holiday season with an oversize black and white checkerboard sweater vest inspired by Wednesday Addams' dark but decidedly fashion-forward wardrobe in the hit Netflix series. You might not be able to kill it on the dance floor quite like Wednesday, but at least you'll be cozy and well dressed with this Amazon find as you plot revenge on your enemies all winter long.


2. Chris Evans’ Sweater from "Knives Out"

$109.00 at L.L. Bean

Since the release of the original ‌Knives Out‌ flick in 2019, the off-white sweater worn by Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale has become something of an icon among fashion fans and movie buffs alike. While its appeal is tough to fully explain (we're betting this has a lot to do with the handsome man wearing it), near-identical versions of the classic Aran sweater (an Irish design) can be found across the web. For the best match, check out L.L. Bean—the retailer offers a Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater that definitely fits the bill. Your boyfriend might not magically transform into Chris Evans when you present him with this cream-colored cable-knit sweater, but at least he'll have the 'fit down.



3. Mark Darcy’s Reindeer Sweater from "Bridget Jones’ Diary"

$31.08 at Zazzle

It might not be purely considered a Christmas movie, but ‌Bridget Jones' Diary‌ provides the laughs and heart that make for great holiday viewing. Ugly Christmas sweaters got their time on the big screen with the 2001 hit, which featured Mark Darcy (played adorably by Colin Firth) donning a pullover with a reindeer face smack dab in the middle. You can find a reindeer sweatshirt inspired by Darcy's garb at Zazzle. Cheeky diary dialogue is not included!


4. Lindsay Lohan’s “Apres-Ski” Sweater from "Falling For Christmas"

$52.00 at ASOS

Admit it: You sat down and watched Lindsay Lohan's latest Netflix Christmas flick, ‌Falling For Christmas‌, and you totally enjoyed it. You probably also found yourself admiring her soon-to-be iconic blue "aprés-ski" sweater, which looked almost impossibly soft and snuggly onscreen. An identical design at ASOS (pictured above) was sold out during our hunt, but you can check back for a restock or pick up a pullover sweatshirt with similar vibes from J.Crew.


5. Weasley Knitted Sweaters from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

Venture to Hogwarts this Christmas with your very own version of a cozy crew-neck sweater that's good enough to rival Mrs. Weasley's. U.K.-based Etsy artisan KnitNerdCo creates personalized initial sweaters (in just about any color you can imagine) that ship across the world. Pick up one for yourself and another for your best friend—we think the Weasley crew would approve.



5. Buddy the Elf's Green Suit from "Elf"

$24.97 at Nordstrom Rack

You might not feel comfortable walking around in Buddy the Elf's pointy-toe shoes, but you can still capture his over-the-top enthusiasm and festive holiday essence with an elf suit pullover from Nordstrom Rack that perfectly matches Buddy's go-to ensemble. Embroidered with real jingle bells and a mock white collar, this crew-neck sweater is a great gift for that friend who is constantly quoting ‌Elf‌, even in the middle of summertime. You know the one.


6. Kevin’s Red Pullover from "Home Alone"

$35.00 at Old Navy

The '90s vibes are alive and well in ‌Home Alone‌, a modern classic with all the elements of a wonderful Christmas movie: holiday hijinks, lessons about the true meaning of Christmas, family drama and—of course—a main character who rocks the classic seasonal sweater while warding off a couple of crooks. While Kevin's outfits aren't at the center of the storyline, pick up a convincing dupe at Old Navy and wait for the recipient to try out that classic "hands on the cheeks, mouth agape" pose.


8. Keira Knightley’s Short-Sleeve Sweater from "Love Actually"

$178.00 at Lululemon

For the loved one who insists it's not Christmas until they watch ‌Love Actually‌, consider purchasing a copycat version of the short-sleeve white sweater Keira Knightley dons during the famous "To Me, You Are Perfect" sign scene. While many of the fashion choices in the film simply ‌scream‌ 2003 (we're looking at you, Andrew Lincoln in a multicolor zip-up), Keira manages to capture a timeless look in her white pullover. Lululemon offers a similarly styled brushed cotton top that will help a lucky gift recipient (or you!) embrace the love this holiday season.

9. Jimmy Stewart’s Striped Turtleneck from "It’s A Wonderful Life"

$37.50 at Banana Republic

Nothing says feel-good viewing quite like ‌It's A Wonderful Life‌. We searched high and low for a sweater that perfectly emulated Jimmy Stewart's white-striped turtleneck embroidered with the number nine, but it seems to be quite the original design. If you're dead set on gifting a lookalike, Banana Republic offers a soft yarn pullover with a warm turtleneck and large, abstract stripes. Alternatively, check out Wooden Ships for a customizable number sweater that keeps the look alive.


10. Ralphie’s Pink Bunny Suit from "A Christmas Story"

$50.12 at Amazon

Last but certainly not least, we're visiting what might just be the most beloved holiday flick of all time: ‌A Christmas Story‌. Whether you deliberately watch the film every year or just happen to catch bits and pieces when it airs on a loop all season long, you've undoubtedly experienced the famous bunny suit scene more times than you can count. While it's not a sweater, we simply had to include a buyable version of Ralphie's pink onesie, floppy ears and all. Place an order, pop the bunny suit in a beautifully wrapped box and force your loved one to put on a stairway fashion show in their new garb. After all, isn't familial humiliation what the holidays are all about?


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