DIY Life-Size 'The Addams Family' Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration

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Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Have fun this Halloween season with one of the creepy, mysterious and spooky members of ‌The Addam's Family‌. You'll have the spookiest, kookiest front porch on the block when this DIY life-size Cousin Itt greets your trick or treaters. Gather up several grass table skirts, a tripod, some sunglasses and a hat to quickly construct this peculiar and hairy cousin. When you're finished, your neighbors just might put their witches' shawls on, grab some broomsticks and call on your quirky Cousin Itt. Round up some friends so you all can cosplay as Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Lurch and Wednesday Addams, and you'll have a whole Halloween family costume!


Things You'll Need

  • Tripod

  • 2 or 3 grass table skirts

  • Bowler hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Clips

  • Packing tape

Set Up Your Tripod

Set up a tripod so it's 3 or 4 feet high and the legs aren't all the way out. You may need to secure the center column with some packing tape to keep the tripod in place.

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Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Wrap the Tripod in Grass Skirts

Wrap one table skirt around the bottom of the tripod so the bottom edge of the skirt is just touching the floor. Secure the end of it in place with a clip. Wrap the next table skirt around the tripod while slowly spiraling it up to the top. Secure the end in place with another clip. If your Cousin Itt doesn't seem full enough with the second skirt, you can always add a third.


With the skirts on, you've completed the body for this delightful Halloween home decor.

Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Add the Hat and Sunglasses

Place the bowler hat on top. Put the sunglasses through the grass skirts so the earpieces are resting on one of the the top edges of the spiraled table skirt underneath the top layer.


Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Place Cousin Itt on Your Porch

Find a fun spot on your front porch or inside your home for Cousin Itt to greet your friends and neighbors when they come by for their autumn visits. Add a few Halloween signs around your front door, and you'll have the most charming haunted house display when kids arrive in their Halloween costumes to trick or treat or for your next Halloween party.


Image Credit: Beth Huntington

When your friends come to see 'em, they'll really be a' screamin'.‌ Happy Halloween!



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