3 DIY 'Star Wars' Gift Wrap Ideas

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​​eHow may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

You can make your own Star Wars gift wrappings.
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Channel your inner Jedi and create your very own ​Star Wars​ gift wrap -- festive themed packaging -- to embellish your Christmas gifts for all the ​Star Wars​ enthusiasts on your list. Featuring a Chewbacca cookie (er, Wookiee) tin, Stormtrooper gift bag clip and Light Sabre gift tube, these are all designed to be reusable so the recipients can enjoy them long after the holidays. May the force be with you this holiday season!


Things You'll Need

Cut a circle of brown fur to fit on the lid of the round cookie tin. Be sure to cut it slightly larger than the lid, so you have about 1/4-inch of extra fabric to glue down around the side of the rim. Hot glue it in place on the lid.


Cut a long strip of brown fur and glue it around the side of the cookie tin.

Step 3: Trim Off the Excess Faux Fur

Trim off any excess fur around the top of the tin to ensure the lid can close properly.

Step 4: Wrap the Wookie With brown Ribbon

Place the lid on the tin, and wrap a piece of brown ribbon diagonally across it. Glue the ends of the ribbon in place on the bottom of the tin.


Step 5: Create Chewie's Belt

Cut small rectangles of gray felt that are the same width as the ribbon, and glue them on top of the brown ribbon to create Chewbacca's belt to finish the perfect ​Star Wars​ gift wrap for any round cookie Tin.

Stormtrooper Gift Bag Clip

Things You'll Need

Step 1: Print and Cut Out the Templates

Print out the free template and cut out the three pieces.


Step 2: Trace the Helmet Onto Cardboard and Cut it Out

Trace the helmet shape onto white cardstock and the eyes/mouth pieces onto black cardstock. Cut out all of the pieces.

Step 3: Give the Helmet a Face

Glue the eyes and mouth onto the helmet.

Step 4: Glue On the Clothespin

Glue a clothespin onto the back of the helmet, and clip it onto the top of a white white gift bag.


Lightsaber Gift Tube

Things You'll Need

Step 1: Paint the Mailing Tube

Spray paint the mailing tube with blue spray paint. Allow the paint to dry fully.

Step 2: Create a Duct Tape Handle

Once the paint is dry, wrap the bottom third of the tube with silver duct tape.


Step 3: Add Black Tape Stripes

Wrap the top and center of the "handle" with black duct tape. Make the top stripe thinner than the center stripe by cutting the tape in half.

Step 4: Add More Tape to the Handle

Cut small rectangles of black duct tape, and tape them vertically at the bottom of the "handle" to finish your homemade light sabre.

Step 5: Wield Your Light Sabre

Now go forth and be merry, young Jedi!



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