15 Nifty Jeans Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Perfectly faded denim
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Denim will forever be one of the essential fashion staples in everyone's wardrobe, no matter where you're from, and we all have a favorite pair. Whether you love dark, medium or light washes, bell-bottoms, straight leg or skinny (or maybe all of the above) chances are, one of these nifty jeans hacks will take your trusty pair to the next level. Click on to learn how to personalize the denim you already own and breathe new life into them at the same time with a little ingenuity.

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From flare to skinny
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How to Turn Regular Jeans into Skinny Jeans

Show off that fancy footwear while achieving a whole new denim vibe by easily converting your flares into skinny jeans.

Trendy ripped jeans
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How to Make Perfect Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans have gone mainstream and aren't just for the punks anymore. Try out this trend for yourself on a pair of old jeans with our easy tutorial.

Embroidered denim while max relaxing
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Embroidered Bell Bottom Inserts Tutorial

Sick of the monotony of straight leg jeans? The perfect pair of wide leg bell bottoms is some embroidered denim and four straight seams away from becoming a reality.

Stencil a design on jeans with bleach
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How to Stencil a Design on Jeans with Bleach

Fair warning: once you try out this DIY, none of your denim will be safe (but it will be super cute).

Pants to shorts: before and after
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How to Turn Pants Into Shorts

Keeping up with your kid's growth spurts can get pricey, but don't buy new. Simply convert those high-waters into shorts and let the kiddos pick out fun fabric to add pizazz.

Shortened jeans with the original hem
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How to Reattach an Original Jeans Hem

Short people know the struggle: newly hemmed denim just doesn't look quite as good as the original. To retain the authentic style of your jeans when altering them, reattach the original hem.

Bleached denim
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How to Bleach Jeans in a Washer

A washing machine is the perfect basin in which to lighten up your denim while softening them in only a few hours, using our fool-proof bleaching process.

Colorful floral embroidery on denim
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Floral Embroidery for Jeans Tutorial

All you'll need for this super cute look is some jeans from your closet, 1/2-yard of embroidered fabric, sharp scissors and some iron-on adhesive paper. Oh, and our handy tutorial, of course.

Close-Up Of Woman Putting Jeans In Washing Machine At Home
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How to Shrink Denim Jeans

For when your jeans are the perfect wash but just a hair too big, shrink the material for a more snug fit.

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Faded black denim
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How to Lighten Your Black Jeans

What do you do when your go-to black jeans begin to fade unevenly? Simply wash them with chlorine bleach to lighten the color and get a whole new look.

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2 pair of white jeans
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How to Wash White Jeans

Properly washing your white jeans is crucial in order to keep them whiter for longer, while removing stains and preventing other colors from bleeding onto them.

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Denim jacket emblazoned with a fun floral print
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How to Decorate a Jean Jacket with a Floral Print

Customize your favorite summer layering piece with a bright floral appliqué to match your #mood. All you'll need for this project is an iron-on adhesive and a handful of pins.

When the waist is too big, take it in
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How to Take in the Waist on a Pair of Blue Jeans

You already learned how to make the waist on your favorite jeans bigger, and here's how to make 'em smaller.


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