The Best Way to Label Rubbermaid

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Rubbermaid makes a huge line of plastic storage containers that can be used for anything from food to car parts. The containers are durable with lids that snap in place to seal them. How you choose to label a Rubbermaid storage container depends on how and where you plan to use it.

Outdoor Use

For outdoor storage bins and trash cans, label them with paint or write directly on the plastic with a thick permanent marker. Be sure to label both the bin and the container in case they get separated. Paint and permanent marker will stand up to the elements, but you should go over the labels again if they start to fade from rain and sunlight. Be sure to write both your name and address on your garbage bin so you end up with your own bin and lid after curbside collection.


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Kitchen Storage

Rubbermaid makes their own labels for use on their containers, but it is just as easy to make your own. You can type labels yourself and stick them onto the containers or buy a sheet of matching labels that you write on. Adhesive paper labels are fine for containers that will stay in the cupboard for a long time, but they will come off when you wash the container. You can use permanent marker on containers that you always plan to store the same thing in. The ink will also fade with repeated washings but should last up to a year. Make sure you can see the labels easily by putting them on the sides of containers on top shelves or or on containers that will have things stacked on top of them. For perishable dry goods like beans, rice and flour, write the date you bought the product on the label.


When you're moving house, Rubbermaid containers are tougher and more environmentally friendly than cardboard boxes you use once and throw away. On the outside of the container, write the name of the room the container should go in. As you fill it, write everything you're putting in on a piece of paper and tape it to the inside of the lid. This will save you the trouble of hunting for something by digging through every box.


Other Labels

To draw designs or make creative labels on plastic containers, use a water-based pigment ink. These come in a variety of colors and tip sizes and will be permanent on Rubbermaid. If the container is heavily used or knocked around, however, these types of labels can scratch and wear off.