How to Organize Nuts, Bolts & Screws in Your Shop

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Things You'll Need

  • 6 small plastic tubs

  • Label maker or masking tape and marker

Proper organization will save you time and stress.

Keeping your shop neat and tidy is important to ensure a smooth work flow. The problem is that organization can often be a difficult task for many people. Finding small items like nuts, bolts and screws for a job can be particularly frustrating without an efficient organization system. Following a few steps will make it possible for most people to keep these things organized.


Step 1

Sort your nuts, bolts and screws into three separate piles. It's usually best to lay all of them out on the floor so that they can't be dropped and lost.

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Step 2

Separate each of those piles into small and large piles. You will then have a pile of small nuts, large nuts, small bolts, large bolts, small screws and large screws making up six total piles.


Step 3

Place each pile into a small plastic tub.

Step 4

Create labels for each plastic tub by using either a label maker or by using masking tape and a marker. A simple way to make labels is to mark them as follows. SN for small nuts, LN for large nuts, SB for small bolts, LB for large bolts, SS for small screws and LS for large screws.


Step 5

Attach each label to its corresponding plastic tub and place the tubs in an appropriate area of your shop where you will be able to quickly find them.


If you have a large quantity of nuts, bolts and screws then you may need larger plastic containers.

You can purchase plastic container kits at many retail or home and garden stores specifically designed for organizing items like this.

Coffee cans and jars will also work.


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