The Day After Prom Ideas

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Don't let the fun end after prom.

The fun isn't over after prom night. Whether it's a picnic at the park, a day at the movies, a spa day or outdoor activities and road trips, there are many options to keep the party going the day after prom. The key is to keep it fun, keep it light and cherish every moment because your life is about to be forever changed.


Picnic and Parks

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Get your friends together and have a picnic in the park. Make sure to bring a Frisbee and a blanket. If you don't feel like preparing food, pick up food to go. A picnic in the park is a fun, relaxing way to spend some time with your friends as the school year comes to a close. It is the perfect follow-up after a night of dancing.

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Movie Marathon

If you have an after-prom party at the home, make sure you have a nice stack of movies and tons of popcorn for a post-prom movie marathon. Pick movies came out while you and your friends were growing up, and stick to comedies to keep the mood light. If you feel too cooped up, go to the nearest movie theater.


Special Brunch and Spa Day

The ladies may want to consider planning a special brunch to have one last special day with the girls before graduation. Reserve a table at a local tea house and invite your nearest and dearest friends for fancy sandwiches and desserts. Depending on how close the girls' mothers are, you may want to consider making this a mother-daughter event. Finish out the afternoon with a spa day, either at your home or at a spa with massage tables and facial mask treatments.


Keep It Fun

Other popular after-prom ideas include road strips, a day at an amusement park, bowling and roller skating. Your after-prom day may also involve a day at the beach or the lake. You'll have a lot on your mind soon enough with your post-high school life. Take the time now to be a high-school kid for one last time and cherish the time with your friends.


The Parental Units

One last consideration is to make sure that your parents are okay with where you're going and what you'll be doing. If there is any doubt, put your parents in touch with whoever is organizing the activity so that their questions will be answered. If you're a sophomore or junior, you may have more difficulty getting approval from your parents, but most parents are ready to allow seniors to go on such excursions.



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