The Best Way to Glue Metal to Fabric

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Cover your work space to protect it when you use glue to create crafts.
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Choose the best glue to create your own metal and fabric crafts. You need the right type of glue when working with metal and fabric. The appropriate glue choice depends on the project's materials, and how and where the finished craft will be used. Epoxy glue, hot glue and glue dots work well to create a bond between metal and fabric.


Glue Choices and Tips

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Epoxy glue works best if the metal and fabric will be exposed to excessive heat, but it can take as long as an hour for the metal and fabric to create a permanent bond. Apply the epoxy to both the metal and fabric to create a lasting bond. If you're looking for a quick bond, and the project will not be used in extreme temperatures, hot glue and glue dots work exceptionally well. Apply the hot glue or glue dots to one surface and either pressed or set the other into the glue. Fabric crafts that use hot glue or glue dots should not be washed in a washing machine or dried in a dryer.

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