Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costumes

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Beautiful yet creepy, the Bride of Frankenstein is an iconic horror figure ideal for those who want a costume that's feminine with a touch of the macabre. There isn't one hard and fast rule when it comes to creating your own Bride of Frankenstein look. In fact, you can go for the traditional appearance or completely change it up with a modern twist.


Bride of Frankenstein Hair Ideas

No matter what changes you make to the outfit, the beehive hairdo is the one thing that must maintain a certain consistency for you to pull off this recognizable monster. Bride of Frankenstein wigs are available at various Halloween shops. If, however, your hair is long enough, you can skip the wig and make the beehive yourself. You can do this by using bobby pins to attach an empty 2-liter soda bottle with the top cut off to the top-back of your head and covering the bottle with sections of your hair until you achieve the beehive style. Another option is to use hair donuts. The bride also has a distinctive white, lightning bolt-like streak on each side of her black hair. You can create these streaks with a white hair extension attached to each side of your head in an S shape.


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Bride of Frankenstein Outfit Ideas

In the 1934 movie "Bride of Frankenstein," the bride's outfit was a dirty, white tunic-style dress that draped over her body, along with bandages covering her arms. You can create a similar outfit by wearing a long-sleeve white shirt that has shoulder pads attached. Next, drape a bed sheet over you. However, any white dress will work for this Halloween costume. An old, long-sleeve wedding gown gives the costume that vintage appearance most often seen on the "Bride of Frankenstein." Keep in mind that the bride's dress is old and worn; consider aging your dress by tattering it, getting it dirty or creating burn holes.


Bride of Frankenstein Makeup

The Bride of Frankenstein is a dead creature whom Dr. Frankenstein worked on and brought back to life. Her skin is pale and she has stitches from the operations running down from the back of the ear and the sideburns, and underneath the chin. Black eyeliner works well for quick stitches, or you can go for a more realistic approach and purchase stitches from a Halloween shop to attach to your face. The pale skin can be recreated by applying white base makeup to the face, neck and any other exposed skin. Line the eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil, line the eyes with black eyeliner and create a smoky eye effect with gray, black and white eye shadow. Finish the look with black or red lipstick.


Customizing the Bride of Frankenstein Costume

When making a Bride of Frankenstein costume, you have the ability to change up the entire outfit and go for something more modern. For example, you can move away from the traditional long, lacy gown by wearing a dress that has short sleeves or is sleeveless. For a more sexy costume, choose a white corset dress that is tight fitting. Another option is reinvent the bride as a '50s housewife by wearing a high-waisted dress with a wide skirt that flows outward and stops at mid calf. The dress should ideally be white, or white with black polka dots. Pair the dress with a crinoline slip and peep-toe pumps to bring the look together.


If you're looking for a scarier version with a bit of gore, consider adding fake blood to the dress and attaching a gaping wound on your neck and a few oozing wounds on your face. Latex fake wound kits are available at brick-and-mortar Halloween shops as well as online.