Ways to Celebrate Girl Scouting's Birthday

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On March 12, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low registered the first Girl Scout troop in Savannah, Georgia. Celebrate Girl Scouting's birthday with your troop. Consider activities that represent the Girl Scouts' spirit of community, honor Juliette Low and the organization's history or focus on the fun games and prizes of a traditional birthday party.


Tea and Toast Party

Throw a birthday party reminiscent of the founding era of Girl Scouting. Host a tea party complete with Victorian dressup, finger sandwiches and, of course, tea. Invite other troops and inspire a sense of community by making it a potluck-style meal. Ask attendees to prepare and share a food item they feel is representative of the tea parties held at the end of the first Girl Scout meetings. Invite guests to dress up in dresses and gloves, if possible. Ask the girls to write a speech in honor of the Girl Scouts or Juliette Low. Have them write individual speeches or collaborate in teams. When everyone is seated for tea, have the girls make their toasts. Toast with the tea or serve sparkling water in champagne flutes.


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Birthday Patches

Collect some of the fun Girl Scout birthday patches and create contests to win them. Hold a cupcake decorating contest for a cupcake patch. Award a gift box patch to the winners of a gift wrapping relay race. Remind troop members that these patches are meant for fun only and not to be worn on the front of their uniforms.


Scouts are well-known for volunteerism. Gather the girls together and talk about how Girl Scouts for decades have contributed to their communities. Decide on a place where you can spend the birthday volunteering together to help a worthy cause.


Travel Ideas

Visit the Girl Scout headquarters in New York City. Arrange for troop to members "earn" a New York City taxi patch by taking a cab ride to the headquarters.

Spend the Girl Scout birthday in the Georgia town where the Girl Scouts were founded. Reserve a guided Girl Scout tour from one of Savannah's local tour companies.

Arrange to celebrate with a local troop in the town you visit. Coordinate with other leaders to throw a traditional birthday party where the girls can mingle and learn about scouting in another city.