Unique Ways to Give Away Baby Shower Centerpieces

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Baby shower centerpieces add a special bit of decor to the table as your guests sit to eat, mingle and play games. They provide an instant conversation piece. Centerpieces such as flower arrangements, candy jars, stuffed animals and candles are not only great for decor, but can also be used as giveaways. You can play a game or have an amusing contest to determine who takes home your centerpieces.


First to Arrive

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Without alerting guests to your plan, have someone take note of people entering the baby shower. The first person to sit at each table automatically gets to take the centerpiece home. At the end of the night, announce the winner from each table. You can have guests sign in when they arrive if you need a list of names.

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Secret Word

With the assistance of the parents-to-be, come up with a secret word that relates to the baby, the mother-to-be or the father-to-be. Enlist a couple of friends to help you listen for guests who say the word. Write down the names of the guests who say the word, and announce winners at the end of the party.


Nursery Colors

Have the parents-to-be tell you the colors they plan to include in their nursery. Then when all the guests are seated, take note of guests who are wearing one of the nursery colors. At the end of the party, announce who has won the centerpieces.


Hot Potato

Place an empty bottle or other baby-related item at each table. Play a game of "Baby Shower Hot Potato" along to the tune of a popular lullaby or baby song. The guest holding a bottle at the end of the game will win a centerpiece.


Guess the Number

If you're using filled candy jars as centerpieces, ask each guest to write down how many pieces of candy she thinks are in the jar at her table. The person who comes closest at each table wins the centerpiece.


Baby Photo Wall

Have each guest bring a photo of herself as a baby. Collect the photos and hang each photo on the wall with a number next to it. Ask your guests to try to guess which photo goes with which guest and write the names down. The people with the most correct guesses win centerpieces.


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