What Is the Best Way to Put Twinkle Lights on Garland?

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The holidays are a time to deck the halls and drape twinkle lights throughout the house. Many homes include fresh evergreen or impostor garland draped over fireplace mantles, banisters or around doorways. Placement of twinkle lights on the garland is important to ensure the highest coverage of greenery.


Types of Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights come in different sizes, shapes and colors. When it comes to selecting the right twinkle lights to add to garland, be sure the twinkle light wire is a dark green color. Some twinkle lights are strung with white wire which would look unnatural on a deep green garland. However, if you are hanging a white garland, white-wired twinkle lights are a perfect match.


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Match the actual twinkle light color to your overall holiday design scheme. If you prefer multicolored lights on the tree and on your house, go for more multicolored twinkle lights for your garland. No matter which color lights you use, always go for a smaller light for decorating garland. Also, before you hang your lights on the garland, plug in the strand and test the lights to ensure that they are working.


In addition to purchasing the traditional string of twinkle lights, specialty garland twinkle lights that have three twinkle lights per light section are available. The strand is more expensive than regular twinkle light strands but provide more coverage.

Hang Twinkle Lights on Garland

Lay the garland out on the ground in a straight line. Select your strand of lights and lay them directly next to the piece of garland. If you are working with a thin piece of garland, one strand of lights may be enough. However, if you are going for extra light or if your garland is especially thick, add another strand of lights and line them on the other side of the garland.


Move the lights directly next to the base of the garland. Be sure the light outlet is on the end you plan to place closest to the electrical outlet. Use a small, clear plastic fastener and affix the lights to the garland in a straight line. Place one fastener for every foot of garland. Pull the small branches from the garland out so that your twinkle lights are lying next to the base of the garland and the garland has a more natural look.


Hang the Garland

Use plastic hooks with double-sided sticky tape to hang your garland over doorways or thresholds. Place one hook by each top corner of the entryway, then add a hook to each side of the entrance to hold the garland in place on the side. You can also dress up your garland and twinkle lights decoration by hanging some of your favorite ornaments from the garland, or you could line the garland with a popcorn string or festive ribbon.



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