Italian Dinner Party Games

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Enliven your Italian dinner party with games you've customized for the occasion. By adding Italian symbols, people and facts to games you already know, you'll carry out your Italian theme with style and have your guests enjoying every minute of the evening.

Italian Trivia

On your invitations, ask each guest to prepare three brief items of Italian history -- two true and one false. During the party, each guest will take a turn and tell one fact. The rest of the guests will vote to decide if it's true or false, with the majority ruling. You can have the guests repeat turns until all of their history items have been used, or you can break up the game into pre-dinner, dinner and post-dinner segments, with the guests presenting one item during each segment.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Italian Couples

Before the party, come up with the names of well-known Italian couples such as Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, or Romeo and Juliet. Write the name of each person (not couple) on a piece of note paper. As the guests arrive, tape a name on each person's back, but don't tell him the name or let him see it. Tell the guests that they must find their partners by asking questions, but they aren't allowed to ask who they are.


Capturing the Flags

Make or buy small Italian flags. Distribute the flags to your guests and tell them to start asking questions of each other, with a warning to avoid saying "no." If a guest says "no" at any time, he must give his flag to the person who asked the question. He can continue playing and trying to collect others' flags. Set a time limit for the game. When the time is up, count the guests' flags. Whoever has collected the most flags is the winner. Award a bottle of Italian wine, a basket of Italian pastas or a gift certificate to an Italian bakery as a prize.


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