Party Places for Teens

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Finding a party place for teens that is both safe and fun can be tricky. Teens want independence when it comes to throwing a party and attending one. Adults, on the other hand, want a location that is easy to monitor. By choosing a suitable location that allows teens freedom with their friends and subtle supervision by adults, both parents and teens will be happy with the party destination.


Rock Climbing Facility

Teens in the mood for an extreme party place and party experience should check out a local rock-climbing facility. Teens will enjoy racing one another up the climbing wall and challenging each other to the toughest rock-climbing wall terrain. For those not climbing, rock-climbing facilities often offer adjacent rooms for food and drinks to be served. Teens will enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of rock climbing in a unique party place.

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Water Park

What better way to cool off and have a party than at a nearby water park? Teens and their friends can have a full day of fun in the sun complete with a wave pool, lazy river and tons of topsy-turvy slides. Snacks, drinks and sunscreen can all be purchased on site, giving the teens no reason to leave the water park. Parents can also be put at ease with a teen party at a water park. With lifeguards on duty and personnel at the entry and exit gates, teens will be safe and protected.


Casino Party

Host a casino party for teens by renting out a conference room or hotel suite. Set up card games, a roulette table and craps for a real Las Vegas casino atmosphere. While the party place will be the hotel, the theme will be a casino night. Parents can serve as the dealers or casino attendants, adding the subtle supervision element without being overbearing or uncool.

While you cannot use real money, play with fake, Monopoly-style money that can be cashed in for prizes.

Having a themed party at a hotel will be more impressive, more fun and more memorable than a basic hotel room party.