Crazy Hat Theme Party Ideas

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Theme parties can be amusing, entertaining and a blast. However, it can be difficult to think up new ideas and themes that will top the last big bash. A crazy-hat theme will have everyone laughing at the different type of hats the other guests are wearing. The crazy-hat party will be a party that is remembered for years to come.


Crazy-Hat Party Invitations

To get guests in the mood for a crazy-hat themed party, send invitations that are in the shape of a hat. A joker's hat invitation is simple to make and guests will love the time and creativity put into making it. Draw a joker's hat on a plain piece of card stock. Color the hat in the colors of the party's color scheme. Cut the image out and trace along the edge of the invitation with gold glitter glue. Glue small pom-poms using a glue gun to each of the points of the hat. The invitations should tell guests the date, time and location of the party, as well as instruct them to wear the craziest hat they can find. Also let the guests know if a prize will be given to the guest who arrives with the most unusual hat.


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Crazy-Hat Party Decorations

Chose coordinating colors for the party's color scheme. Since the theme is crazy hats, the colors can be bold and bright as long as they compliment each other. For example, purple and yellow together are bright and will put guests in a happy mood. Once the colors are decided on, purchase balloons, streamers and table linens to decorate the party area with. Party hats can be purchased and set throughout the room to add to the decor. Hats like neon 1940s-gangster hats, cowboy hats and sombreros can be purchased online and used as decorations.


Food and Drinks

Food and drinks for a crazy-hat themed party should be wild and crazy, as well as filling. Thread a string through four cone shaped party hats and secure it to the ceiling above the food table. Make sure the hats are hanging at a level that can be easily reached by guests. Once the hats are secure, fill them with popcorn for guests to munch on. Plastic hats in various sizes can be used to serve chips, pretzels and dip. Finger sandwiches can be made and cut into various hat shapes using cookie cutters. Drinks can be served in hat-shaped shaped glasses, and guests can be encouraged to drink through crazy straws.


A top-hat cake is also simple to make and something guests are sure to enjoy. To make the cake, bake two small round cakes and one large round cake. Once completely cool, place one of the small cakes on top of the other small cake with a layer of fruit, icing or chocolate filling in between them. Then place both smaller cakes in the center of the large round cake with a layer of filling in between. Frost the entire cake.



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