Fun Halloween Games to Play With Older Adults

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Halloween party games are not just for children, there are games that older adults can play as well. Some are variations of classic games such as Pictionary and Charades. You could also play games of observation where guests must observe your decorations or rules about certain words that can not be used at the party. For a classic return to your childhood, try to guess foods in the dark that are designed to represent body parts.


Halloween Pictionary

Play Pictionary at your adult Halloween party, instead of using the traditional set of cards for the game, create your own. Create cards with words or phrases based on Halloween. These words could include obvious choices such as pumpkins, costumes and ghosts. Another category of cards could include horror movies such as "Dracula," "Friday the Thirteenth" and "Nightmare on Elm Street." Include Halloween activities such as trick or treating, Halloween parties, sitting in pumpkin patches and bonfires.


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Halloween Charades

Create a list of Halloween activities. These should be activities that can be acted out. Divide the guests into teams, and rotate the actor for each team in turns. Let each team member perform as the actor several times. Once this predetermined number of rounds has been played, determine the winning team based on who got the most answers correct. For a twist on Halloween Charades, make each clue worth a number of points based on the level of difficulty.


Hal O'Ween Game

The Hal O'Ween Game is a game where there is a story told about a gentleman known as "Hal O'Ween" who was murdered several years ago and that his body has recently been discovered. Use the story in the Resources section of this article, and create items to represent his organs. Some examples of the foods you can prepare would be: stewed tomatoes to represent his brain; uncooked liver to represent Hal's heart; and dried fruit to represent his ear. Feel free to be creative and come up with your own foods for other body parts. Place these items in a cup, and pass them around in the dark. Have your guests write down what food item they think was in each cup as it is passed around. At the end of the game reveal the items and award a prize to the player that guessed the most correctly.


The Devil Is in the Details

Decorate your house before the Halloween party. While decorating your house, create a list of questions about the decorations that you have set up around the house. Questions could include asking what room a certain decoration is in or how many of a certain type of decoration are set up in the house. Have a list of at least 10 questions, and give your list to your guests as they enter the party. Let your guests explore the house at their leisure during the party to answer the questions, but require the answer sheets be turned in by a certain time. The player with the most answers correct is awarded a prize.


Black Cat Got Your Tongue?

Before your party arrives, create a list of words that each of your guests should attempt not to say during your Halloween party. At least some of these should be Halloween themed such as candy, trick, treat, ghost and costume. Finalize your list with a total of 10 to 15 words. As your guests enter the party, give each guest five candy bars and the list of "forbidden words." Any time someone catches a guest saying a forbidden word, he can ask that guest for one of her candy bars. The game continues until the end of the party with the player having the most candy bars being the winner.


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