Do-It-Yourself Centerpieces for a Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun, but if you're not careful the budget can quickly get out of hand. One way to save a little money and personalize the shower is to make the table centerpieces yourself. Think about whether you want one large centerpiece on the food or gift table or if you want smaller centerpieces on each of the guest's tables. No matter what you choose to do, putting your own touch on the decorations will make the event even more special for the guest of honor.


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Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes have become increasingly popular over the years. If you bought one of these creations from a crafter, you could spend up to $100. You can save that money by doing it yourself. Simply roll up diapers and then tie each one individually. Arrange the tied-up diapers to look like a round cake layer and secure the diapers together with either a large rubber band or string. Use ribbon that coordinates with the shower decorations and tie a bow around the cake. Make one, two or three layers. You can embellish the diaper cake with silk flowers, lots of cascading curling ribbon and small baby goodies. Rattles, pacifiers, travel-sized lotions and shampoos, socks and rubber ducks are good choices for cake decorations.


Make smaller diaper "cupcakes" to place on each guest table. Make a cupcake with five to seven diapers and the techniques used to make a larger cake. When the shower is over, the mom-to-be can take all of the centerpieces home so she'll have diapers to use after the baby is born.

Sock Bouquets

Floral arrangements are traditional choices for centerpieces. By rolling up baby socks to look like roses, you can create a bouquet that looks like flowers, but won't wilt after a few days. A dozen "roses" will require six pairs of baby socks. Choose the color of an actual rose. White, pink and yellow are all convincing. You can mix and match socks for a more colorful bouquet.


Making the sock roses is easy, but take some time. Lay a sock flat on a table, then fold the tip of the toe at an angle. Fold over three or four more times, depending on the size of the sock. Then, fold the cuff of the sock over to secure the folds. Finally, wrap the bottom with florist's wire and then cover it up with green floral tape. Arrange the sock roses in a vase with silk greenery.

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive

With the busy lifestyles that many people have, it's not always possible to sit down for hours crafting centerpieces. It's still possible to create adorable centerpieces yourself, even with little time. You can find small wash bins or large bowls, fill them with shredded blue paper or blue Easter grass and arrange a few rubber ducks on top to look like they are swimming. Fresh flowers are always pretty, so for a really quick idea, head to the local home improvement store and purchase several potted plants. Tie a ribbon around each pot to make it more festive.


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