DIY Projects to Bring Nordic Style to Your Home

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Nordic style home design
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Stay on-trend by incorporating pieces with lots of black and white, natural wood elements and tons of functionality into your home for a Nordic-inspired makeover. From a sleek hanging planter to a rustic wood knife rack, whipping up a simple DIY can make all the difference in your space. It doesn't have to take a ton of cash or time either. Here are 12 projects sure to spruce up any room in no time.

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DIY Drop Cloth Rug
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Drop Cloth Rug

A new area rug can instantly transform any space, but it can be hard to find just the right one. Now you can make one yourself from a canvas drop cloth. Use the free printable template (or tape off your own design) and black acrylic paint to make something that perfectly fits your minimalist style.

Image Credit: Sarah Dorsey
DIY Framed Leaf Home Accessory
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Framed Leaf Home Accessory

Creating a minimalist preserved foliage frame is easier than you think. Stick with one large leaf or use a few smaller flowers to fill the frame. Either way, this is one piece you'll want to put on display.

Image Credit: Francesca Stone
Faux clay antlers
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Faux Antlers

Stay on-trend by incorporating a pair of DIY antlers into your design. Use aluminum wire to create the outline for your antlers and cover with white air dry clay. Let the clay dry for up to 48 hours and smooth out any bumps with water, your fingers and fine grit sandpaper. All that's left to do is hang them up and admire.

Wooden bookends
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Wooden Bookends

Break out your safety goggles and power tools for this fun project. Repurpose a piece of reclaimed wood by cutting it down into two unique bookends. They're great for sandwiching a small pile of books together and adding a bit of rustic charm to your place.

Hanging planter
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Modern Hanging Planter

Add a bit of interest to any empty wall in your home and rescue a few empty plastic bottles from the recycling bin at the same time by turning them into a hanging planter. Cut the top off each bottle and give the bottoms a coat of white spray paint. String them all together with long strands of twine and add your plants.

Side table magazine holder
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Side Table and Magazine Holder

If you're looking for a piece with dual functionality, look no further. The combination of industrial cooper pipes and the sleek minimalist design makes this side table perfect for any space. Now you'll never misplace your remote, or your favorite magazine, ever again.

Pom-pom rug
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Pom-Pom Rug

This chic black-and-white pom-pom rug can be yours in just a few hours and with only four simple supplies. Make 100+ pom-poms, depending on the desired size of your rug, and secure them all to a non-skid rug pad. The hardest part of this one is deciding where you like it best.

Pendant light
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Dodecahedron Pendant Light

With a little planning and some quality time with your power tools, you can create a statement pendant light you'll be proud to display. Once you make the first one, you'll want to make one for every room in the house.

Two-toned soap dish
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Two-Tone Soap Dish

This subtle, two-tone concrete soap dish will dress up even the most mundane corner of your bathroom. Grab a small tupperware container for your mold and let the concrete cure for a full 48 hours before using.

Knife rack
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Rustic Knife Wall Rack

Not only is this rustic knife rack functional in maximizing your vertical storage and makes your favorite kitchen tool easy to find, it's also nice to look at. Just make sure you choose strong magnets to ensure your knives stay in place.


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