Ideas for a 23-Year-Old's Birthday Party

While turning 23 isn't a milestone birthday, it's still a good reason to celebrate. Getting together with friends can make a birthday into one to remember, and having a theme for the night will make an entertaining night for all who are invited.

All-White Party

An all-white party theme was started by the rapper P. Diddy. Start by sending out all-white invitations. On the invitations include the time, date and location of the party, but also make sure to tell guests that there is an all-white dress code. As guests arrive, give them a strand of fake white pearls, white boas or even white sunglasses as party favors.

Use white table linens, balloons and streamers. White Christmas lights can be strung to cast a pleasant glow. Make centerpieces for the food table using clear vases filled with white beads. White rose pedals can also be scattered on the table. To keep guests entertained, make sure there is a large dance space and play current popular dance music.

Food should also stick to the all-white theme as much as possible. Try a chocolate fountain filled with melted white chocolate and have various foods that guests can dip in the chocolate, such as strawberries and pretzels. Chips and white dips can also be served, along with a cheese ball and crackers. For a birthday cake, get something similar to a wedding cake with only one layer. For drinks, guests can enjoy pina coladas, light beer and margaritas. For guests who would prefer nonalcoholic drinks, lemon-lime soda, water and banana smoothies can be served.

Casino Night

Casino night is bound to keep guests entertained for hours on end. Slot machines, roulette tables and card tables can be rented for the party. Print out $1,000 fake bills to be given to guests as they enter the party and have on hand gifts that the guests can purchase at the end of the night with their winnings.

Decorate with streamers, balloons and table linens in black and white. Set up a table for drinks, food, and to display gifts. For centerpieces on the food table, fill vases with poker chips or dominoes. Fake money can also be fanned out in various parts of the tables to add to the decor.

Keep food simple with meat trays so guests can make sandwiches. Have chips and dips and a vegetable tray available. For drinks, serve beer in champagne glasses to give it more of a casino feel.

Casino games will entertain the guests. When they arrive, they can trade their fake $1,000 bill in for game chips. At some point, pass out more fake money so guests can continue to play all night. At the end of the party, guests can trade in their chips for fake money that they can use to purchase gifts from the gift table. A dance floor should also be set up so guests can get a break from gambling. Hire a DJ or simply play the current dance music to keep guests moving all night.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Party

This is a party theme everyone participates in, and because it is done outside the home, there is no setting up required. On the invitations, ask guests to bring a digital camera. This is how they will document the scavenger hunt items found.

As the guests arrive, divide them into teams and give each team a list of items they have to find by the end of the night. Rent a limo or party bus or take taxis and spend the whole night hopping from bar to bar. While at various locations, the teams need to get pictures of the things on the scavenger hunt list. At the end of the night, regroup. The team who collected most pictures of the items wins.