Minnie Mouse Costume Makeup Tips

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A Minnie Mouse costume can be made using a simple red and white polka dot dress and bow with black mouse ears. However, if you want your Minnie Mouse costume to stand out and be really authentic, you've got to get the make up right. Here are some tips on using make-up to get the perfect Minnie Mouse look. Make-up tips can be altered for a Mickey Mouse costume, as well.


Facial Features

To recreate the basic image of Minnie Mouse's face, you need to paint a nose and the black outline on your face. For the nose, use black liquid eyeliner to draw a small circle (about the size of a dime) on the tip of your nose. To create the outline of Minnie's face, use black costume make-up to color in your forehead and temples. Start at your eyebrows and color everything above your eyebrows and the area directly to the left and right of your eyebrows (your temples). The makeup on the forehead should come to a slight tip on the bridge of your nose, forming a sort of widow's peak.


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Note: Minnie and Mickey Mouse do not have whiskers. This is a mistake that many people make.


Put neon blue eye shadow on your eyes. Start at your lashes and spread the eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrow. Get a bright pink blush and put it on your cheeks in big circles. As finishing touches, wear bright red lipstick and false eyelashes. All of this make-up will distinguish Minnie's face from Mickey's.


Finishing Touch

Spray hairspray all over your face (except for your eyes and mouth) to make sure that the make-up stays put and doesn't smudge.


Vintage Minnie

To get the look of vintage Minnie (from the 1920s), rather than a modern Minnie, you only need to change a few things. Use white face paint to paint the rest of your face that is not covered by the black make-up. Modern Minnie has a tan face with her black fur, whereas vintage Minnie has a white face with her black fur. You should also wear purple eyeshadow instead of blue.


Holiday Minnie

To make a holiday Minnie Mouse costume, substitute blue or purple eyeshadow for a color indicative of that holiday. For instance, wear orange eye shadow for Halloween, red for Christmas, silver for New Year's, etc.



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