Unique 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Unique 18th Birthday Gift Ideas
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Turning 18 signifies the passage from adolescence to adulthood. This milestone birthday brings about freedom as well as responsibility. Giving a gift to someone turning 18 should marry the ideas of leaving behind childhood and becoming a responsible, independent adult.


Welcome to Adulthood Basket

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A basket of empowering books.
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There are many rites of passage that an adolescent looks forward to upon turning 18. Likewise, there are also those issues of responsibility that teens tend to disregard when turning 18. A "Welcome to Adulthood" Basket addresses both. Add items such as lottery tickets, books on financial management, information on how to register to vote and books on finding and keeping a job.

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Don't Get Too Big for Your Britches Basket

A basket of childhood favorites.
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Just because you have reached the age of 18, it doesn't mean that you have to forsake all the fun of childhood. Remind her of this with a "Don't Get Too Big for Your Britches" care package. Packaged in a colorful tub or even a cardboard treasure chest (normally found at party stores), put together a number of items that will keep her close to her inner child. Items you can add include Play-Doh, DVDs containing cartoons and movies she loved as a kid, novelty candy and children's books.


Solitary Travel Kit

Travel kit.
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One of the greatest luxuries of adulthood is the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Celebrate this newly acquired ability with a solitary travel kit. Combine items such as books on solitary travel, travel guides, information on attaining a passport, a passport holder and travel-sized toiletries in your solitary travel kit. Package the kit in a sturdy suitcase or duffel bag that he can use when he travels.


When I Grow Up Box

Remember those days?
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Create a box that invokes the dreams and wishes of childhood. What did she want to be when she grew up? What were his dreams for the future? Gather items that are related to these dreams and package them together to make a "When I Grow Up" box. If she once dreamed of being an astronaut, gather items related to space travel, such as freeze-dried ice cream, books on space travel and tickets to a local planetarium.


This Is Your Life Thus Far Album

Photo album.
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Assemble a photo album chronicling her journey through childhood to adulthood. Add photos from every year of her life thus far. Using decorative paper and pens, add words of wisdom, inspirational quotes and memories from her 18 years of life leading up to adulthood.



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