Hawaiian Costume Ideas

Whether you're going to a luau or feel like dressing up in costume, a Hawaiian costume can help you look and feel like you're there. Women and men each have different looks when it comes to Hawaiian costume ideas. Women can arrive as a traditional Tahitian dancer, Hawaiian pin-up, or local girl. Men can go as a fierce Tahitian dancing warrior or a laid back tourist or surfer.


There are three distinct looks that a woman can wear as a Hawaiian costume.

A woman can wear a Tahitian-inspired hula dancing costume. This iconic look includes a grass skirt, coconut bra or Hawaiian print midriff top, and bare feet or clear sandals. Accessorize with a lei and a flower in your hair. Remember, that a flower behind the left ear means taken or married, whereas a flower behind the right ear symbolizes single. Tahitian dancers are also known to wear flower lei bracelets, anklets and crowns. Complete the look by getting a tan and a long black wig, if you do not already have these features.

Another look is the glamorous vintage Hawaiian pin-up girl. Find a figure hugging halter with a cinched waist in Hawaiian print. Wear a lei around your neck and a flower behind your ear. Apply a vintage makeup look that includes bright red lipstick and slip into vampy stilettos.

A simple and easy look is the local girl. Find a Hawaiian print sarong and wear a lei and a flower behind your ear. You can wear a sarong as a skirt or a dress. Should you decide to wear your sarong as a skirt, wear a matching halter or bikini top and flip flops.


Men can have two Hawaiian looks.

A man can dress as a hula dancer. Unlike the graceful and feminine Tahitian dancer, male Tahitian dancers are depicted as strong warriors with clearly defined masculine movement. Men wear grass skirts and are shirtless. They can also wear a lei. Find fake tribal tattoos to place on your bicep and back. Also, get a tan.

The Hawaiian tourist or surfer dude is an easy look to create. Wear a Hawaiian print T-shirt and khakis. Have a straw hat, lei, sunglasses and flip flops to accessorize.

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