March Birthday Party Ideas

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The two common themes of a March birthday are spring and the astrological sign Pisces. People born in March are sensitive and creative, so why not celebrate with a water party or a spring bash? From food to decorations, activities to treats, an entertaining March birthday is suitable for any age.


Under the Sea

In the Pisces constellation, stars group in the shape of fish. The March birthstone is aquamarine, the color of the sea. Water colors are a bright yet soothing palette for a birthday. Decorations in blues, greens and foamy whites complement this theme. Experiment with designs and ideas by writing them down. Fill small bowls with sea shells and candles or dress the tables in starfish, fishing nets and lighthouse postcards.


Video of the Day

If serving food, whether dinner or snacks, you need not use seafood like crab appetizers, a salmon plate or sushi. Guests may have food tolerance issues. Instead, opt for a playful substitute like cake with blue-peaked wave icing, fish-shaped crackers and aqua-colored drinks. Food coloring is cheap and simple to use.


Activities carry your theme. Try hosting a pool-side party, even kiddie pools, with themed music and dancing. Invite guests to a sea masquerade and reward creative costumes with prizes. Have guests treasure hunt in sand buckets for props like silly sunglasses and chocolate coins, or write anonymous messages placed in bottles, or decorate plain paper ships.


Spring Season

Spring is a time of rebirth, new life and the simple pleasures of nature. This is a good time to enjoy a more relaxed and elegant party. Savor some fresh, local and seasonal fare. Create ambiance with lots of light, spring colors and loads of fresh flowers. You can also focus on the inspiring power of art and music, two of Pisces' favorite subjects. Why not host an outdoor party with strung lights, soft jazz and blushing hues like silver and cream? Spring also yields up the best light drinks and sparkling cocktails. Try pairing Peach Bellinis with goat cheese crostinis for a light and tasty treat.


March Break

In the spirit of March Madness or Spring Break, move your party to the beach, where guests can swim, surf, sail or sun. Remember to bring sunscreen and a bag of toys like beach balls, volleyballs or hula hoops. Or, host a luau with loud clothes, buckets of iced beer and tiki torches. Hand out cheap props like bubble blowers or green glitter for added fun. A Spring Break party relies on a casual, playful atmosphere, upbeat music and a no-fuss decor. Put out buckets of soft shell crab or nuts that make guests feel comfortable getting messy. Afterwards, fill the buckets with water balloons and start a fight.



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