Ideas for Prom Weekend

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You may have been so busy finding a date, shopping for a dress or tuxedo, booking your limo, and securing your limo that you haven't had enough time to think about some ideas for your prom weekend yet. If your prom falls on a Thursday or Friday, prom weekend officially starts the night after the dance. Plan at least a day or two of fun for you and your entourage of friends for a full and exciting prom weekend.


Amusement Park

Since it will allow you and your entire group to comfortably enjoy an entire day of action-packed fun, buy group tickets to an amusement park nearby. Be sure that you get wristbands for unlimited rides so that no one has an excuse for not having something to do that day. Look into chartering a bus for the trip. Offer the trip to your friends as a package deal including wristbands and a two-way bus ride.


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Ski Trip

Book a weekend ski trip for you and your friends. There are several services, like, and that allow you to act as a promoter for a ski trip at a location of your choice. Try to get at least 20 people committed to the ski trip to get the best package deals. The group packages usually include the bus trip, lodging, ski rental and other fees.


Camping Trip

If your group of friends enjoys outdoors activities, plan a camping trip to start the day after prom. See "Resources," below, to search through a list of campgrounds. This is a great way to bond with your friends before you all separate and move on to college or other paths. Tell stories about your experiences in high school. Plan at least one exciting activity, such as river rafting or a short hike assisted by a professional guide.


City Outing

If you live near a major city, like New York, Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles, plan a day out on the town. Find a restaurant to accommodate your group and make a reservation, look for a club that caters to the under-21 crowd, and visit an attraction in the city earlier in the day, such as a national monument or the observatory of a tall building. Have a quick lunch or picnic in the park. Start your city outing later on in the afternoon, at about 4:00 p.m., so that you won't run out of energy before partying later.


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