Xmas Village Display Ideas

A Christmas village is a chance to create a three-dimensional holiday scene in your home. With animated and lighted pieces and figurines, you could create a country Christmas scene complete with a church that lights up and children skating on a pond. Displaying your village scenes creatively will make your display more interesting.

Christmas village

Using Furniture

glass table
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A lighted curio cabinet can spotlight your Christmas village display. You can use the different levels of the cabinet to set up different scenes within your village. Simply remove the items already in your curio cabinet and replace them with your Christmas village during the Christmas season. This also gives you the chance to dust and clean your curio cabinet if you have neglected to do so for a while. If you do not already have a curio cabinet and you have the room for one, then consider picking up a used cabinet and putting it to good use during the holidays and all year long.

Shelving units, whether installed in the wall or simply stand-alone bookshelves, can be used for displaying your Christmas village pieces. Plain wooden shelves are inexpensive enough that you could purchase and use them just for your Christmas villages, and they can be easily stored in any garage or basement during the rest of the year.

A glass top table can display Christmas scenes beautifully. There are many Christmas village pieces that can be displayed from any angle, including animated skating rinks and moving trains, and these could be part of a display you create under the glass on your glass top table. You can do this if you have a glass top table with a solid base across the bottom to avoid putting your displays on the floor. This is a different way to show off some of your Christmas village pieces, and will be a holiday conversation piece.

Around the Home

basement window
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Under the Christmas tree or on the fireplace mantel that are traditional locations for showcasing a Christmas village, but you can also get creative with where you set up your display. For example, if you have an unused fireplace, you can set up part of your display inside the fireplace.

Many houses have basement windows that can be seen from the outside and garage windows that are at eye level. A Christmas village, especially one that lights up, would be add an interesting touch to a basement or garage window as well as a way to show off some of your Christmas village pieces to people in the neighborhood. To set up these displays safely in the window, you can use display tables. A garage window will typically require a high table for the display to be seen. If the windows have windowsills, you can use them to set up your displays as long as they are wide enough to support the pieces. Many basement walls are thick with larger windowsills; these could help you display your Christmas village.

Quick Tips for an Effective Display

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Try to have some kind of central idea that your display is based around. Keeping a village display limited to one kind of Christmas scene can make it easier to develop, as stringing together unrelated pieces can lack cohesiveness and can ruin the visual impact of your display. Instead of using all of your village pieces in one big display, try breaking them up into scenes and displaying them in different parts of the house.

As much as you want to find original places to display your Christmas village, be sure that the places you find are easy for guests and others to see. Taking the time to create a Christmas village is diminished when no one can see your decorations.

Before you start setting up your village, be sure there that are plenty of power outlets available to light your display up. Running long extension cords from all over the house is unattractive and dangerous, so make sure there are adequate power sources near your display area before you get started.