Easy-to-Make Easter Egg Place Cards with Nest Holders

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What better way to welcome your guests to the table than their own personalized name cards? These colorful chalkboard name cards are individual eggs sitting in their own little nest. They are simple to make, and are sure to brighten up your Easter table.

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Priming the Wooden Eggs

Begin by priming the wooden surface of your eggs with gesso. Allow to dry. You can place clear hair ties under the eggs so they stand while drying.

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Painting with Acrylic

Paint the eggs a pastel shade. You can add a few drops of acrylic paint to the white gesso to achieve pastel colors. A few coats are recommended. Allow to dry between coats.

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Adding a Chalkboard Finish

Following the instructions on the chalkboard finish, paint a couple of coats onto the eggs. Allow to dry overnight before attempting to write on with chalk.

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Making the Nests

To make a nest, clip 8 inches of wire and coil.

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Adding Raffia

Weave raffia through the center of the coil and over the edge to form a little nest for your egg.


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