Fifties Party Food Ideas

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If you are planning a fifties-style soiree, don't forget to design a retro party menu to go with it. Diners were popular in the 1950s, serving all-American fare. Convenience foods, such as frozen dinners and pre-packaged items, were also gaining prominence in households. Delight party guests by tempting their taste buds with foods steeped in tradition and reminiscent of simpler times. To create a complete fifties theme, serve food on a colorful Formica dinette set.


Diner-Style Fare

Diners were common gathering places throughout the 1950s. Make all-American food such as hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries for party guests. To satisfy vegetarians, serve veggie burgers and dogs as well. For dessert, create a sundae station or whip up strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshakes.


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Drinks With 1950s Flair

Quench guests' thirsts with traditional 1950s beverages. Make fresh lemonade using real lemons, water and sugar. Garnish glasses with lemon wedges. During a warm-weather bash, serve cherry and grape slushes and chocolate and vanilla malts. Root beer floats will also please guests of all ages.


Deviled Eggs

No fifties-style bash would be complete without a plate of deviled eggs. Peel a dozen hard-boiled eggs and cut them lengthwise. Place the yolks into a mixing bowl and add four tablespoons of mayonnaise and two tablespoons of yellow mustard; sprinkle in salt and pepper to taste. Stir the yolk mixture until smooth and place a spoonful into each egg white. Garnish with paprika or a black olive slice.


Fifities-Style Appetizer Spread

Prepare a tray of authentic fifties finger foods that guests can munch on throughout the party. On a buffet table, set up trays filled with a variety of retro foods, such as cream cheese-and-crushed pineapple-stuffed celery sticks, cocktail sausages, liverwurst pate and crackers, and smoked salmon canapes.


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