How to Make Beaded Christmas Angel Ornaments

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Things You'll Need

  • 8 mm beads

  • 16 mm bead

  • 6 mm beads

  • 24-gauge wire, 54 inches for each ornament

Different colored beads can be used to make a unique Christmas angel.

If you want to design your own homemade Christmas decorations, there is no lack of techniques or inspiration for crafting tree ornaments. If angels are your inspiration, use beads and wire to make simple, yet charming, Christmas angel ornaments. Choose colors that complement your tree and existing ornaments. These beaded angels also make easy, inexpensive presents sure to be appreciated by their recipients for years to come.


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Making the Angel

Step 1

Measure one and a half yards of wire. Bend the wire into an "L" shape.

Step 2

String seven of the 8 mm beads onto the wire and move them to the bend in the wire.

Step 3

Thread six more of the 8 mm beads onto the wire. Pull the opposite end of the wire through the six beads and pull the wire tight. Make sure the row with six beads is on top of the row of seven beads.


Step 4

Place five of the 8 mm beads through on one end of the wire and pull the other end of the wire through the beads. Pull the wire tight. Repeat this action, decrease the number of beads per row by one each time until you finish the top row with one bead.

Step 5

Put 17 of the 6 mm beads through the longer end of the wire. Put the long end of wire through the 8 mm beads on the row of three.

Step 6

Put both ends of the wire through the 16 mm bead and pull tight. Use the longer end of the wire and string eight of the 6 mm beads.


Step 7

Make a loop out of the shorter end of the wire. Twist both ends of the wire behind the 16 mm bead. Make adjustment to the 6 mm beads to form the angel's halo and wings. Hang the angel up by the loop at the top.