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Wrapping presents can be as fun as picking them out. Learn tips and tricks to make your gifts extra fun this holiday season.

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Wrapping presents can be as fun as picking them out, and there are lots of simple ways to make your presents pop. It's surprisingly easy to make big, fancy bows. All you need is a spool of wide ribbon and a pair of sharp scissors.To start, wrap a length of ribbon around the present, and tie a knot. To make the actual bow, unspool a second length of ribbon, but don’t cut it just yet. Make an “accordion fold.” Just fold the ribbon back and forth against itself evenly. Hold the center to keep everything in place, until there are four to five loops on each side. Now cut the ribbon off the spool. Holding the center of the bow, cut a diagonal slit halfway through the width of accordion fold. Careful not to cut the ribbon in half. Now do the same on the other side, cutting the diagonal slit parallel to the first. Place the bow right on top of the present. Sliding the ribbon into the slits of the bow on both sides. Then, tie a knot. After it is secure, create the bow by just pulling out a loop and twisting. Pull and twist. Pull and twist. Viola! The perfect bow. Like ribbon and bows, little embellishments can spruce up even the plainest packages. Tie candy canes to the present to add a festive touch. Another idea – add items like pretty feathers, pine springs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, vintage keys, or mini picture frames. Or get creative with items like pretty feathers, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, paint brushes, or mini picture frames. Gift tags are a fun, easy project. Cut holiday shapes out of felt or pretty paper, punch a hole, and tie to the gift with pretty ribbon. Voila. Even old holiday cards can be recycled into neat gift tags. For something totally unique, use chalkboard paint on wood or cardstock to make chic gift tags that are fun and can be used again and again. A little flair can make your gifts extra fun this holiday season.

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