Advanced Bows and Decor

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Wrapping presents can be enjoyable with simple techniques to add flair.

To create a fancy bow, wrap a wide ribbon around the present and tie a knot. Then, unspool another length of ribbon and make an accordion fold with four to five loops on each side. Cut the ribbon and make diagonal slits in the center.



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  • Place the bow on the present, sliding the ribbon through the slits and tie a knot. Create the bow by pulling out loops and twisting.
  • Additionally, add embellishments such as candy canes, feathers, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, paint brushes, or mini picture frames.
  • Create gift tags by cutting holiday shapes from felt or paper, and attach with ribbon.
  • Old holiday cards can be recycled into gift tags, or use chalkboard paint on wood or cardstock for reusable tags.

These touches can make your gifts more special and fun during the holiday season.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations : Making Pew Bows

Use a shimmering sheer fabric from a floral design shop or hobby store. Find out how to loop and twist fabric to make a pew bow with help from the president of a wedding planning company in this free video on wedding decorations.


Making pew bows from fabric is an elegant way to decorate for a wedding or other special event. Here are the steps to create pew bows:

  1. Gather Materials‌: You will need fabric (such as tulle, satin, or organza), scissors, a measuring tape or ruler, floral wire or zip ties, and ribbon for embellishment if desired.
  2. Cut the Fabric‌: Measure and cut the fabric into long strips. The width should be around 6 to 9 inches and the length around 2 to 3 yards, depending on how full you want your bows to be. You will need more fabric for larger, fuller bows.
  3. Create Loops‌: Hold the end of one strip of fabric and make a loop by folding it back on itself. Keep the loops even and continue to accordion-fold the fabric, making loops until you reach the end of the strip. Make sure the final loop at each end is facing inward.
  4. Secure the Center‌: Pinch the center of the accordion-folded fabric to create the bow shape. Secure it by wrapping floral wire or a zip tie tightly around the center.
  5. Fluff the Bow‌: Gently pull and shape the loops outward to fluff up the bow. Adjust the loops and ends until you are satisfied with the bow's shape.
  6. Add Embellishments‌: If you want to add extra flair, you can attach ribbon, flowers, or other decorations to the center of the bow. Simply use another piece of floral wire or a glue gun to secure them.
  7. Create Tails‌: Cut two additional pieces of fabric (same or contrasting), each about 1-2 feet long and the same width as your original strips. Attach these at the center of the bow with floral wire or by tying them on for hanging tails.
  8. Attach to Pews‌: Use floral wire, zip ties, or ribbon to securely attach the bow to the pews. Make sure it's fastened tightly so it doesn't fall during the event.
  9. Final Adjustments‌: Once the bow is in place, make any final adjustments to the shape or positioning of the loops and tails to ensure it looks perfect.
  10. Repeat‌: Repeat these steps for as many pew bows as you need to create a consistent look throughout the venue.

Remember to handle the fabric gently to avoid wrinkles or damage, and to ensure the bows look neat and elegant.