Meet Angry Chicken's Amy Karol

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To meet Amy Karol is to feel like you're meeting a new best pal. She is sweetness personified – but with a surprising undercurrent of kookiness and dark humor that rears its head when you least expect it. She writes one of the best-loved craft blogs online, Angry Chicken, where she shares her endless creativity and humor.

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No Stress Seamstress

Amy inspired legions of new sewers with her book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew, which is written with her trademark creativity and sass. Her instructions are down-to-earth and encouraging, with projects that range from handbags to an easy lap quilt.

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Fabric Junkie

Amy also wrote Bend the Rules with Fabric: Fun Sewing Projects with Stencils, Stamps, Dye, Photo Transfers, Silk Screening, and More, where she showed news ways to use fabric.

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Family Journalist

Amy makes everything feel doable. And it is, when she shows you how. Her three daughters often are the focal point of her creative projects. In her workshops on the Family Book of Everyday Life, Amy shows you how to capture and elevate the small moments of family life.

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Casual Creator

Amy's family journals aren't about presenting staged photos from birthdays or vacations, but about capturing the fleeting details of a creative, often messy, always full family life. She shows you how to create family journal quickly, without the stress or angst of a more formal photo album.

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