Washi Tape Valentine's Day Cards

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Beautiful, elegant and surprisingly strong, Japanese-style washi tape is the perfect accent for a Valentine's Day card. With it's playful patterns and flexible nature, a few simple strips can transform some basic card stock into an unforgettably rich canvas of color. Best of all, it's so easy to handle even a child can create a vibrant card for a mom or grandma using some everyday household objects and a little tape.

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Trace the Heart

With your pencil, trace the outline of the paper heart onto the cardboard.

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Cut Out the Heart

Cut the outline of the heart from the cardboard.

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Rows of Washi

Cover the cardboard with horizontal rows of washi tape. Line up the bottom edge of the first row of tape with the top edge of the next row of tape and so on. Make sure to leave a little excess tape on each side of the heart.

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Wrap Around

Score the tape with your scissors then wrap it around the back of the heart.

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Center and Cut

Cut the cardstock to the desired height to fit your heart. Since my heart was 3 inches tall, I made my card 5 1/2 inches to give the heart a little breathing room. Fold in half to make a card measuring 5 1/2 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

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Cut Out the Arrow

Using a little more washi tape adhered to cardboard, cut out an arrow to pierce the heart.

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Make a Nameplate

Cut another piece of cardboard to make a space where a little message or name can be added.

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Glue the Parts Together

Using your glue stick, affix all your cardboard pieces to the front of your card.


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