The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Christmas Float Ideas

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Holiday parade floats often have themes. A float based on the well-known Dr. Seuss book "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" will delight people who grew up reading the story or watching the 1966 animated television special or 2000 feature film it inspired. Such a float may also encourage a new generation of parents to share the story with their children.


Stealing the Presents

Build a parade float that presents the early scene when the Grinch steals Christmas presents and decorations from Cindy Lou Who's living room. The float's "set" should consist of a large rectangular enclosure at one end painted to look like a brick chimney, complete with a mantle hung with stockings. At the other end of the float, place a Christmas tree. Put a rug on the floor and presents under the tree. The Grinch can emerge from the fireplace structure, place the presents in a sack and prepare to sneak out the chimney when Cindy Lou Who (standing by the tree) surprises him. Have two actors reenact the scene repeatedly for the benefit of parade-watchers.


The Grinch's Workshop

Design a float that shows the icy mountaintop workshop where the Grinch concocts his scheme and sews his Santa Claus impersonation costume. The actor playing the Grinch can pretend to sew and don the costume while another actor dressed as the Grinch's hapless little dog helps.

Who-Ville Christmas

Create a float celebrating the climactic scene when the Grinch, dressed as Santa Claus, returns all the presents and Christmas accoutrements he stole from Who-Ville and the whole village celebrates the holiday. Festoon the float with the whimsical, candy-colored houses of Who-Ville (well-supported, painted wooden cutouts would work). Drape the houses in wreaths, Christmas lights, gold stars and plastic icicles. Heap the floor of the float in cotton batting accented with white glitter to suggest snow. Place a big, decorated Christmas tree in the center of the float. Populate the float with characters including the Grinch, naturally, and Cindy Lou Who. Such a float would be perfectly suited to a choir, that could sing the song "Welcome Christmas."