Homemade Halloween Ghost Costumes for Kids

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Ghosts and witches often come to mind at the mere mention of Halloween. A child's ghost costume is classic, easy and fun to wear. Best of all, it's very inexpensive to make. Using a few simple items that you have around the house, you can make a Halloween costume that will delight your kid and your wallet.


Sheet Ghost

Choose an old white flat sheet that you don't need anymore. A twin size sheet works well for a child. Try the sheet on your child by having him hold his arms straight out to the sides. Adjust it so it evenly covers his body from side to side and front to back. Cut the sheet so it doesn't drag and cause a tripping hazard. Place a baseball cap on his head to keep the sheet from sliding while you mark the eye holes. Take the sheet off and cut the eye holes, making them big enough to allow a full range of vision. When he wears the costume, make sure his clothes are white or tan underneath so they don't show through the sheet.


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Sheet Ghost Variations

A hat can be worn with a traditional ghost costume to give it a little distinction. Let your child choose one that reflects him best: a baseball cap, cowboy hat or something else. Wearing a hat also helps keep the eye holes in place. A belt can be worn at the waist area and then the sheet can be pulled to drape over it. Sunglasses can be worn over the costume to conceal the child's eyes. Long white gloves can be worn on his hands. A bicycle helmet can be worn under the costume to better drape the sheet and hide facial features. You can also cut out black felt to create a mouth, either happy or scary, or use it to make the eyes appear bigger and more dramatic. And, if you want your ghost to have a soundtrack, you can have creepy music playing in speaker mode from a digital music player in his pocket.


Ghostly Person

A ghostly person's costume leaves the child's head fully exposed, which works well if he has an aversion to covering his face. It's also easier to wear to school. Dress your child completely in white; you can use baggy clothes like an adult sweatshirt or t-shirt. Buy a few yards of muslin (or any lightweight, open-weave white fabric) at a fabric store. Drape the muslin all around your child, tying it up where necessary so it's comfortable for him. Use white face paint (applied faintly) on his face, neck and hands. Use black, gray, green or dark blue face paint lightly all around his eyes so they look hollowed out, and use some on his cheekbones as well. Spray-paint his hair white or grey, or he can wear a white stocking cap.



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