Birthday Gifts for a Forty-Five Year Old Woman

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Give a 45-year-old woman a thoughtful gift.

Gift-giving is often stressful. Whether the present is for your wife or your sister, giving a gift that she will enjoy and use is the ultimate goal. Age does play a part in what people like to use and receive for a present. What a 22-year-old young lady enjoys for a gift is not likely to be the same as what a 45-year-old woman would want.


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An exciting, and likely expensive, birthday gift for a 45-year-old woman is a vacation. This doesn't have to be a vacation to the Caribbean--even an overnight trip just outside of your area could be nice. Perhaps plan a weekend at a bed and breakfast if the gift is for your spouse or partner. Book a weekend cruise for a thoughtful birthday gift.


Gift Basket

A woman in her mid-40s should take time to pamper herself. To help her do that, give her a gift basket filled with pampering bath and body products. Be thoughtful and create it yourself using a large basket. If you know her favorite scent and products, fill it with bath and body gel, cuticle cream, candles and body scrub. A manicure and pedicure set is a lovely addition as well.


Health and Fitness

For the health conscious 45-year-old woman, give her birthday gifts related to health and wellness. The exact gifts that you give should depend on her own interests. If she enjoys yoga, perhaps purchase some yoga classes at a studio that she likes. Along with that, give her a new yoga mat or yoga clothes. If she keeps fit by swimming, give her a birthday gift of pool passes or a slick pair of goggles. The gift of health is always a good idea.


Arts and Crafts

If the 45-year-old woman in your life enjoys arts and crafts, give a birthday gift that reflects that. This can include hobby activities such as scrapbooking or knitting. If she enjoys painting, gift her new paints, brushes and other supplies. If you know that she would like to take up a new artistic or paper craft style of hobby, give her a gift certificate to a craft store.



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