Homelite Super EZ Specifications

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The Homelite Super EZ chain saw is a one-person saw introduced by the Homelite Corporation of Port Chester, New York, in 1986. Made in a Homelite red-magnesium case with a black cover over its air filter, the Super EZ weighs 10 pounds without its guide bar or cutting chain and features a rigid handlebar system.


Starter and Ignition

A Homelite starter with an automatic rewind function gets the Super EZ running. Once it has been started, an electronic magneto drives the ignition system by sending power through a coil with a 0.015 inch air gap to a Champion DJ6J spark plug with a 0.025 inch gap. The Super EZ's ignition timing is fixed.


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Fuel and Oil

The two-cycle engine in the Super EZ runs on a mixture of regular unleaded gasoline and Homelite two-cylinder mix oil. The manufacturer's recommended ratio is one part oil to 32 parts gasoline, and the Super EZ's fuel tank can hold 14.3 fluid ounces of the mixture at a time.


Motor Specifications

A 2.5 cubic-inch one cylinder engine powers the Super EZ chain saw. It has a 1.5625 inch cylinder bore and 1.3125 inch piston stroke and uses reed valves for its intake. A Walbro HDC carburetor mixes the fuel with air cleaned by an air filter filled with a screen made of flocked wire. The engine operates on a direct drive basis, powering the chain through a centrifugal clutch.


Guide Bar and Cutting Chain

Homelite sells the Super EZ chainsaw with a 16-inch guide bar. The company specifies an Oregon 72D chain with a pitch of 3/8 of an inch.



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