Care of Lucky Bamboo in Water With Stones

The Lucky Bamboo plant actually isn't a bamboo plant at all, but a member of the lily family. Lucky Bamboo is native rain forest plant in Southeast Asia and Africa. It is regarded as lucky because it conforms to the qualities of Feng Shui and brings together the elements of water and earth. Many people tie a red ribbon around the lucky bamboo to add the quality of fire to the plant.

Add rocks, water and a bamboo plant to a glass vase

Things You'll Need

  • Lucky Bamboo plant

  • Water

  • Jar or vase

  • Rocks

Step 1

Place clean rocks in the bottom of a clear vase or jar.

Step 2

Insert the end stems of the Lucky Bamboo plant into the rocks.

Step 3

Fill the jar with water until 1 inch of the bamboo stem is covered.

Step 4

Keep the bamboo out of direct sunlight and in a warm room.

Step 5

Change the water every week so the bamboo sits in clean, fresh water.


In Feng Shui, the number of bamboo stalks has meaning. Three, five and six stalks mean happiness, wealth and health respectively. Four stalks together are considered bad luck.


If the leaves start to turn yellow the water could be too salty or chlorinated or the plant may be in too much direct sunlight.