Gifts for Virgo Women

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Give a Virgo woman a tasteful gift.

Pick a gift for a Virgo woman that is elegant and tasteful, preferably in a neutral color. As she is a practical, detail-oriented woman, a gift must be well made to appeal to both her aesthetic and sensible nature. Choose a gift that gives her the ability to organize her home or one that focuses on relaxation. Just make sure it is not gaudy or flashy as this would not be appreciated, although a Virgo woman would possess too much class to point this out.


Remember the Details

As a Virgo woman is into the little details, choose a gift that pays close attention to the details, such as a haute couture dress or business suit from the latest collection. Another option is an elegant coat in a neutral color. Choose a signature jewelry piece that is understated and elegant, like a Cartier watch or Tiffany necklace that remains timeless and screams quality when worn. The zodiac birthstone for Virgo is jade or a blue sapphire, so a small tasteful ring or broach set with either stone would work well as a gift. Another option is a classic scarf or a pair of stylish designer sunglasses with a carrying case that includes the cleaning cloth and solution.


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Release the Stress

Virgo woman are known for their long to-do lists and hard work ethic. Give her a basket filled with scented soaps, gels and bath salts, such as jasmine, lavender and chamomile. Combine the gift basket with a portable bath spa and allow her to relax at home as she turns her bath into a whirlpool tub. Include luxurious thick towels and a robe along with candles in fruit scents of lemon, orange or apple to appeal to her senses. Other gift options include prepaid manicures and pedicures to keep her nails tidy, prepaid weekly massages to control stress and a gym membership to keep her body in shape.



Assist your Virgo women in organizing her life with a leather bound daily planner or a PDA that keeps track of her appointments. Perhaps she would prefer a small, carved, wooden, antique jewelry box to store her jewelry or a gift of an antique writing armoire to hold a suede journal for her to write her thoughts and a classic fountain pen. A set of designer luggage to hold her clothes for a vacation trip combined with tapes to learn the new language of the country combined with a plane ticket to China, Peru or Greece would also be appreciated.



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