Styrofoam Ball Christmas Decoration Crafts

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You can make your own styrofoam ball Christmas decorations.

Because Styrofoam balls are light, versatile and inexpensive, they make a good base for all sorts of homemade polystyrene Christmas ornaments and decorations. When you are getting into the holiday spirit and want to make your own decorations for your home, consider using Styrofoam balls. Styrofoam ball Christmas decorations also would be a fun activity for a children's Christmas party.


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Styrofoam Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Use Styrofoam balls to create polystyrene Christmas tree decorations. Choose large or small balls, depending on the size of your tree and your preference. Spray paint the Styrofoam balls using acrylic spray paint. Next, create accents on the ornament. For example, cover it with glitter while the paint is still dry. Glue beads, sequins, fabric or ribbon onto the ornament. When your ornament is finished, make a loop from a piece of pretty, glittery ribbon and tie it onto the top to create a hanger.


Snowman Styrofoam Ball Craft

Use Styrofoam balls in three graduated sizes to create this Christmas decoration craft. Cut a slice of foam off the bottom of the largest foam ball to create a base for the snowman so he won't tip over when the craft is finished. Next, place the Styrofoam balls on top of each other in a snowman design, connecting the balls with glue or wooden skewers.

When you have the snowman shape in place, it's time to decorate. Use plastic jiggly eyes, paint and construction paper to create his face. Cut a top hat design out of felt or construction paper and glue it to the front of the snowman's head. Use pipe cleaners to create his arms. Use felt to make a scarf to hang around his neck.


Christmas Tree Polystyrene Ball Decorations

Make a Christmas tree wall hanging using Styrofoam balls. Choose a large piece of poster board and lots of small Styrofoam balls for this craft. The number of balls you will need will depend on how big you want your Styrofoam Christmas tree to be.

Spray paint both the poster board and the foam balls with green acrylic spray paint. Next, glue a row of Styrofoam balls on the bottom of the poster board. Put another row on top of the bottom row using one fewer ball. Continue this pattern until you finish with only one Styrofoam ball, creating a Christmas tree shape.


Decorate the polystyrene balls to look like a Christmas tree. Use colorful, festive craft items such as glitter, tinsel, brightly colored icicles, sequins, decorative pins, paint, sparkly ribbons and bows, and other craft bric-a-brac. Small individually wrapped candies and tiny candy canes add a traditional festive Christmas touch.

When the tree is decorated, cut away the excess poster board. Cut a star out of a piece of yellow construction paper. Decorate it with glitter and sparkly tinsel accent and glue it to a wooden dowel. Insert the dowel into the top of the Christmas tree. Your tree is ready to hang on the wall and display for the remainder of the holiday season.