Christmas Song Games to Print & Play at Home

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Christmas music is a great way to celebrate the holiday and add to the festive spirit while you are decorating, cooking and gathering with friends and family.

Whether you have select favorites or a playlist of Christmas songs from A to Z for the holiday, getting Christmas carol games that are printable online is a fun form of entertainment during holiday parties. Make the Christmas activities even more fun by offering a party favor or treat to the winning participant.


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Guess the Christmas song game

This Christmas party game uses synonyms to replace the title of popular Christmas songs. For example, "Hushed Darkness" would represent the song "Silent Night," and "Senior Flattened by a Cloven Aviator" would represent the song "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." Participants guess the correct Christmas carol titles from the title created with synonyms.

There are a couple of different options for playing this game.

  • You can print off a single copy of guess the Christmas song and have the host say each synonymous title and allow the guests to make guesses out loud.
  • Alternatively, you can print out a copy for each participant, and they can fill in the guesses on their own. Then, you can share the correct answers to find out who got the most correct answers.


Christmas song lyrics quiz

Play a quiz game to see how well each participant knows the lyrics to popular Christmas carols. Print a copy of the name that Christmas song quiz for each participant at your party.


  • Each question has a single lyric. The quiz consists of multiple-choice answers. When everyone is finished, you can review the answers to determine the winner of the game.
  • Another way to play this game is as a matching game. Each printable Christmas game sheet will have one column of lyrics and one column of song titles. Participants must match the lyric with the song title.
  • As with the synonymous titles game, you can also play this game out loud. The host will print out one copy of the game and read or sing the lyric for each question. Then participants must guess the name of the correct song. This is also a fun game to play in teams.


Christmas song trivia games

A Christmas trivia game is a fun way to show off your knowledge of Christmas songs. You can play name that Christmas song trivia or trivia that tests your knowledge of Christmas music. As with the other games, you can print off a quiz for each person, or the host can read out each trivia question for the group to answer. Some potential questions may ask about specific lyrics or who sang a given song.


Pictionary with Christmas song titles

Pictionary is a fun game to play with a group. Print out Pictionary cards, each with the title of a song.

  • The individual whose turn it is will draw a card. Then, using pictures only and no words, he will draw clues to help the other members of the group guess the name of the song title.
  • This is a fun Christmas game to play with a small family. If you have a larger group, consider splitting into teams. Each team will compete side by side, and the first team to guess the title wins the round. Typically, each round is timed, but you can make your own rules that work for your gathering.
  • You can also use these cards to play charades. The person whose turn it is will draw a card. Then she can act out clues to get the group to guess the name of the song.



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