Gift Ideas for Men 23 and Older

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Find the perfect gift for the special man in your life.

If you find yourself needing to purchase a gift for a man over 23 years of age – whether a member of your family, friend or significant other – the task can be challenging to be sure. Men are oftentimes more tightlipped about gift ideas and do not share their wish lists like women do. If you are having problems coming up with a great and special gift, you should target his interests and choose something that will show how well you really know him. When in doubt, there are many gift items that are universally attractive to most males over 23, so you should be able to find something, even for the pickiest recipient.


Sports Memorabilia

Do some research and figure out what sports team your gift recipient favors. Most sports-loving men identify with specific teams, whether their old college alma mater or a professional team, so purchasing team-centric items will be sure to please. You can choose a clothing item such as a jersey or cap to wear to games or look for specific player cards or signed memorabilia if you know a player he is especially fond of.


Video of the Day


Men of all ages tend to gravitate towards electronic devices such as music players, computers and gaming systems (to name a few). If you know a certain item he has been interested in, this can be a great gift for the man in your life. Electronics tend to be expensive, but most electronics have accessories that you could purchase to maximize his enjoyment of an item he already owns. These could include a new video or computer game or a cool new set of headphones or controllers.



If you are shopping for a man who does not enjoy shopping for himself, you should consider purchasing a new outfit or clothing item as a gift. Choose something nice like a blazer or a new pair of jeans that he would never pick out for himself, but that you know he will enjoy and use. Marie Claire recommends gifting a special accessory like a watch or a pair of cuff links that can be used for special occasions.


Event Tickets

For an extra special gift, purchase tickets for a special event. You should gauge the interests of the recipient and choose accordingly. Possibilities include professional or college sporting events, concerts, plays or festivals. Think of events happening in his area in the next six months that would interest him. If possible, purchase two tickets so he can take a guest with him to the event -- maybe that guest will be you.



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