Gift Ideas for a 34-Year-Old Single Woman

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Blue topaz earrings enhance a blue-eyed woman.

When you buy a gift for a 34-year-old single woman consider her style, taste and profession. Selections range from home or office décor items to experiences she enjoys. Or, give her the gift of jewelry which will bring a smile to her face and eyes as she opens the beautifully wrapped present.


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If you have been to her home, you have seen her decorating style. If she uses silver tones throughout, then select gifts reflecting a silver tone accent, or follow a glass and crystal theme. Choose items like a photo frame with a picture of the two of you, a set of hanging picture frames filled with a collage of photos or a wall clock. Perhaps she would enjoy a couple of etched wine or martini glasses with a small bar setup containing wine stoppers, wine holders, shot glasses and a cocktail shaker. Another gift idea is a warm throw rug to cuddle in as she watches television with a fresh air popcorn machine to cut down on calorie intake.



An office gift should be practical yet tasteful. A crystal or leather picture frame would be acceptable as would a leather business card holder or leather briefcase. A wall clock, desk clock or professional wristwatch will keep her on time, while a PDA or appointment book will keep her on task. You may also add some life to her office with the gift of a plant inside a self watering container and a small fountain to mask office sounds.


Share an experience with her as you treat her to a day of luxury at the spa as you get your body wrapped, pores cleansed and pampered with a relaxing massage. Or maybe she would prefer to dress up and attend the theater, opera or the symphony for the night. A day at the art museum or the zoo may be just the thing for a daycation, or perhaps girls' day shopping at the mall is her thing.



Whether you choose a small conservative set of earrings or a single pendant that brings out her eyes, or an extravagant chunky gold wrist chain, tailor the style and stone to her preferences. She may prefer a flamboyant jewelry piece like a turquoise squash blossom for her neck or one less opulent like a graduated string of cultured black pearls. Rings work well and include the options of adding diamonds to the setting.