Round-The-Clock Bridal Shower Ideas

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A 'round-the-clock bridal shower is one that invites guests to bring shower gifts that the newlywed couple will use at specific times of the day. The party hostess must assign an hour of the day to each guest by including that information in the shower invitation. A 'round the clock shower is a tried and true theme that simplifies gift-giving for guests and decreases the likelihood of duplicate gifts.



It is not necessary to include all 24 hours in your invitation, especially if you have a small guest list of six or eight people. Choose the easiest or most active hours of the day, such as mornings, mealtimes and bedtime. It is also acceptable to double up on the hours, sending more than one guest the same time slot. Not everyone will know what a 'round the clock shower entails, so include a short, basic explanation in the invitation. For example, the last item of information in the invitation could read something like "Your time is 5 p.m. Please bring a shower gift that the bride and groom might use at that time. Some ideas include wine glasses, a snack tray or a subscription to the evening paper."


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Keep the 'round the clock theme going on the buffet table by serving food on 12 simple white plates arranged in a circle like the numbers of a clock. Place time-related foods on the appropriate plates, such as breakfast foods in the early hours, and snacks late at night.



Clocks faces are easy to duplicate on white paper plates. Personalize the paper clocks by decorating them in the bride's wedding colors or by writing "It's time for... love, a kiss, the gym" and other activities the couple enjoy doing together. Tape the paper clocks to walls, the ceiling or the gift table. Spray-paint clay pots in the wedding colors and draw clock faces on them with a permanent marker. Use the pots for flower arrangements or for storing pencils, paper and other supplies you might need on hand during the shower.



Many standard bridal shower games can be adapted for a 'round the clock theme. Create a bingo-type card with "Time" at the top and the numbers 1 through 24 randomly printed on it. Guests can mark the appropriate box on their card each time the bride opens a gift. Or, give guests a point for each time-related question they can answer about the bride and groom, such as "What time of the day did they meet?" or "What time of day was the wedding proposal made?" Award a gift to the guest who accumulates the most points.



Small, time-related items such as kitchen timers or inexpensive watches are party favors your guests will enjoy. Or, continue the theme and give your guests favors they will use at specific times of the day like a coffee mug or bubble bath.



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