Juliette Low Birthday Party Ideas

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Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of the Girl Scouts of America. For members of the GSA, her birthday, which falls on Halloween, is an occasion that should never go without being recognized. Troops at all levels are encouraged to recognize and honor her birthday in some way, whether through a service project or some sort of party. If you are looking for a nice way to honor Juliette Low in your troop, there are some simple ways to do it.


Daisies are the perfect decoration for a Juliette Low party.
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Juliette Gordon Low was nicknamed Daisy, from which the youngest rank of Girl Scouts, the Daisies, gets its name. Daisies, then, are a perfect fit for decorating a Juliette Low birthday party. Set up tables in each of the colors of the levels of Girl Scouts: bright blue for the Daisies, chocolate brown for the Brownies, green for the Juniors and tan for the Seniors, Cadettes and Ambassadors. Add a simple vase with beautiful daisies in it, and finish off the vase with a rainbow ribbon, which evokes the rainbow symbol that represents the girls crossing over from level to level of the Girl Scouts.

Service Projects

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The Girl Scouts of America organizes fun and meaningful service activities for girls, and a Juliette Low birthday party is a perfect opportunity for service. Low died of breast cancer in 1927, at the age of 67. Since both her birthday and Breast Cancer Awareness month are in October, use her birthday as an occasion to do some good for the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Encourage the girls to bring in some small present that can be given to those who are either fighting or have survived breast cancer. Lap blankets and warm hats for women undergoing chemotherapy are a good choice, as are inspiring books, relaxing music and handmade crafts. At the time in the party when presents would normally be opened, have the girls wrap their presents for breast cancer patients.


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In honor of Juliette Low, it is appropriate to play the same types of games that were popular for girls when she was alive. Some favorites include a pancake toss relay race, hoop roll and Kim's Game.

To do the pancake relay race, divide the girls into teams. Each team will need a plate, meant to represent a frying pan, and an oversized pancake. The girls should race in assigned lanes as they toss their pancake into the air and catch it on the plate.

Kim's Game is a scavenger hunt. Show the girls a tray with many items on it, and explain that each of those items is also hidden somewhere in the room or location that the party is being held. Send the girls out to find as many of the objects as they can.

The hoop roll is another relay race. Each team will be given a hula hoop and must roll it from one end of the play area to the other and then back again. Each girl gets a turn, and whichever team finishes first wins.