Fun Pool Party Games for 13-Year Olds

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Games help keep teens entertained.

At a summertime bash or a birthday celebration, a teen pool party is nice for cooling off, but it can be tricky to find games for 13 year olds to play that they don't think are too childish. Some swimming party games help teens mingle and enjoy, giving unfamiliar teens a chance to get to know each other. Try these games at your teen's next pool party bash. Always have enough adults watching the pool and games to ensure kids' safety.


Thaw the T-Shirt

Put two to three wet T-shirts in a freezer at least two days before the party. Divide the players into even groups of two or three (depending on how many shirts you froze). Say "go," and each team has to work at thawing the shirt. The team can beat it against the ground or use the pool water to try to thaw the shirt. The first team to thaw out its T-shirt completely and have one member of its team put it on wins the game.


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T-Shirt Relay

Build on the momentum of the frozen shirt game with a T-shirt relay. Divide players into even teams of two. The first person in line puts on the thawed-out T-shirt, which can be tricky to do. To start, the first player of each team dives in the pool and swims to the other side and back. That player removes the shirt and hands it to the next person in line, who also has to put on the wet T-shirt and swim across the pool and back. The team that has all its players finish the race first will win the game.


Pool Treasures

All teens stand on the side of the pool at one end. At the other end, an adult tosses in some items that float and some that do not float, such as pennies and pool dive toys. Make sure you know exactly how many items you throw in so you can get them all cleaned out later. When you yell "go," all children jump in the pool and try to bring back as many items as possible. The teen with the most items will win the game.


Pool Tag

Select one person to be "it." This player stands with his back to the pool and outside of it. All other players are in the pool on the same side. Each player thinks of a color and places one hand on the side of the pool. An adult starts the game with "go." The player who is "it" calls out a color and the players who chose that color swim to the other side of the pool without the person who is "it" hearing them. If he hears swimming, he can jump in and try to tag swimmers before they get to the other side. The first person he catches swimming will be the next one "it." If at any time the person who is "it" misjudges and there isn't anyone swimming, she must take a step away from the pool, making the game harder.



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