Western Themed Party Food Ideas

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A Western party is a popular theme party option, for good reason. Guests will have fun donning cowboy boots and hats and bandannas and kicking up their spurs in an Old West saloon or hoedown atmosphere. One of the best parts of a Western party, however, is the Western and Southwestern food, so make sure to provide some grub that will make your guests go "yippee ki yay."


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Barbecue food is perfect for this party theme. Hearty hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and ribs make a meal fit for hungry cowboys and cowgirls after a hard day driving cattle, or in this case, to prepare them for an evening of hard partying. If you wish to include a healthier menu option, serve up some juicy grilled chicken breasts as well.


The Fixin's

Rustle up some chili or baked beans to round out your Western party menu. For an authentic Southwestern touch, include delicious cornbread to sop up the chili and let guests sample some grits. Just keep in mind that if your guests aren't used to Southwestern cooking and you are planning to include recipes with a lot of chili peppers, you should have pitchers of ice water or lemonade handy.



For snacking at the party, provide a variety of salsas, tortilla chips and Southwestern bean dips. Include a range of spiciness to accommodate the comfort of guests as well as giving them the option of being adventurous. Create an attractive themed presentation by setting small bowls of salsa or dip on the top of cowboy boots, using boots of different heights to achieve different levels. Use plastic cowboy hats as serving dishes by setting the dip bowl in the middle and placing tortilla chips around it. Beef jerky, trail mix and chili popcorn are some more themed munchies to include in your snack bar.


For the Kids

For a kids' Western party or a party to which kids are invited, make some cowboy "campfire" munchies. Roast weenies and marshmallows around the fire pit and make s'mores to munch on. Even at an adults-only party, a weenie-and-marshmallows roast is always fun, especially after the sun goes down.


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